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Members Weekly Music Recommendations-June 19


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I'm getting this up late, because it's Spring in Washington, and it

seems like every year half the people I know show up for a

visit. I like it though, nice to see old friends.

Format's simple: Name of artist or group, name of album, type of

music as best you can (rock, blues etc.), and recording format (cd, lp


Mississippi John Hurt, "The Immortal Mississippi John Hurt, lp, blues

Sorry folks but I'm stuck on the blues these days, and the biggest soft

spot in my heart is for Delta Blues. Can't seem to get enough of

it. Faboulous pickin guitar work, simple rythems, mostly soft

lyrics that combine to create a mood that makes you just feel

good. Kinda the opposite of what you would expect from a blues

player, but I'm not complaining.

Very well recorded too!

So what do you have to share this week?

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OK, between thebes and steve_L they've got us stuck in the Blues, So try some of this;

LIVE Johnny Winter And ...............CD.........

Johnny Winter....vocals, guitar.......Rick Derringer...vocals, guitar.....Randy Jo Hobbs....vocals, bass...Bobby Caldwell......drums

This is Johnny Winter on the top of his game, this band just smokes. Blues, Rock n' Roll, whatever you want to call it, this disc kicks ***, no if and or buts, Guitar oriented Rock at it's finest. These are all cover songs, but you've never heard them like this, Johnny and Rick really play off each other well, as the solid Rhythmn section lays down a solid foundation to jam on. Great Stuff on this disc;

1. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl

2. It's My Own Fault

3. Jumpin' Jack Flash

4. Rock n' Roll Medley; Great balls of Fire, Long Tall Sally, Whole Lotta Shakin Going On

5. Meantown Blues....only Winter song here

6. Johnny B. Goode

Not sure of date but another 70's Classic....Rock N' Roll........

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Blues it is then.

How about the late great Albert King!

Albert King - King of the Blues Guitar

Posted Image

Audio CD

Street Date: August 18, 1989

01 - Laundromat Blues

02 - Overall Junction

03 - Oh, Pretty Woman

04 - Funk-Shun

05 - Crosscut Saw

06 - Down Don't Bother Me

07 - Born Under A Bad Sign

08 - Personal Manager

09 - Kansas City

10 - The Very Thought Of You

11 - The Hunter

12 - I Almost Lost My Mind

13 - As The Years Go Passing By

14 - Cold Feet

15 - You Sure Druve A Hard Bargain

16 - I Love Lucy

17 - You're Gonna Need Me

Greg's Pick: Oh, Pretty Woman

I love great blues and who could not love the blues of the Hall of Fame performer Albert King! This is the way Blues is meant to be played.


King was a large man, standing 6-foot-4-inches and weighing well over 250 pounds. A natural left-hander, King taught himself to play the guitar upside-down while keeping the strings strung for a right-handed player and playing with his thumb as opposed to a pick. He was a moody man and known to carry a .45 in the band of his pants. He also disliked performing live with musicians he felt were his superiors, wanting the sole command of the stage just for himself.

King played his final concert in Los Angeles on December 19, 1992. He died two days later at home in Memphis after suffering a sudden heart attack. After his funeral, a procession was led down Beale Street in a true New Orleans-style Jazz tradition, as the hearse bearing King's body was led by the Memphis Horns playing "When The Saints Go Marching In". King was laid to rest across the Mississippi River in the Paradise Gardens Cemetery in Edmondson, Arkansas, not far from where he spent his childhood.

Albert King has been honored by The Blues Foundation with his induction into their Hall of Fame. Both "Born Under A Bad Sign" and "Live Wire / Blues Power" are also honored as Classics of Blues Recordings. But, the real honor for King is the love and everlasting respect that so many of his peers have given him. Stevie Ray Vaughan would call him "Daddy" and John Lee Hooker named him as one of his all-time favorite guitarists. Michael Bloomfield once said, "Albert can take four notes and write a volume. He can say more with fewer notes than anyone I've ever known." B.B. King stated in his autobiography "He wasn't my brother in blood, but he sure was my brother in Blues." Albert King's legend will live on. Every time a Blues or Rock combo is on stage, in an arena or small nightclub, or just playing in their garage and grinds into "Born Under A Bad Sign" or "Crosscut Saw", his influence will be shining true.

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I like the old blues myself so much more than the contmporary blues, BUT--

I love Robert Bradleys' Blackwater Surprise-- their best is "Time to Discover". The singer is an old blind man who was discovered by some alt rock kids--they started a band, and they are great. The later stuff is too pop--but TTD is a gem -- great guitar and production--

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Keane - Under the Iron Sea

They are an English rock band that sounds more like U2 and so. They are more modern rock meets coldplay meets u2 etc. The lead singer has a wonderfully strong voice. Their last cd Hopes and Fears had hits like "Somewhere Only We Know" "Everybody's Changing" and "Your Eyes Open" Their new cd is more of the same which is a good thing as if its not broken, why fix it?

Edit: I forgot it came out this tuesday so it is a new release.

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sorry, lately all the music I have been listening to has been under the general rock but more specifically indie and mostly from England. Keane, Brendon Benson, The Killers, Citizen Cope, David Grey, Dishwalla, Teddy Geiger, The Bravery, Goo Goo Dolls, The Fray, Bloc Party, The Honorary Title, The Postal Service, Thirteen Senses, Thursday, Tom McRae, Ringside, Train, etc They are mostly smooth listening music, rarely any curses and not the boomy mess that most people listen too..... Heh me being 21 stuck in a freshman dorm was a different experience. Other person: "Huh, who are they?" Me:"It was a time before your crappy music [:P], that is song that was released four years ago" " Other person: "Man thats old, don't cha have any good music?" Me: "stares them down and points at their plastic speakers and said have a nice day with your midbass module, I mean subwoofer....."

Honestly the computer speaker is the death of music, not quite the mp3 or so but the fact that these plastic speakers look sorta nice but throw physics out of the way. I mean A good ripped MP3 can sound good on my RF-83 but those plastic speakers man oh man! I let my roommate borrow my other computer speakers cause he thought it was funny to try and listen to something loud as the enclosure resonated. The kid down the hall had his speakers nearly full volume with the bass knob turned all the way and I had to endure his 150 hertz wave bass, cause I know once I challenge him the floor director defaults blame to me. Meh end of rant.

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Everyone on the face of this planet owes it to themselves to pick up the new DragonForce CD, it comes with a video for the first song on the disk too. You will hear late 80s / early 90s nostalgic metal, the greatest fastest guitar work ever, nifty effect, amazing keyboarding, and non stop drumming. Album is not bass heavy, but you owe it to yourself to atleast give it a listen to. 8 songs, each one is 5-9 minutes, with up to 3 solos per song. Just go out and get it.

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Jay 48, you've given me some food for thought. I don't do a lot

of indy so I'm thinking if I get a chance I'll pick one or two of you

suggestions at random and give them a whirl. Thanks for sharing.

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I would first sample them online or so with the 30 second music clips (like itunes) cause indie music is very different even from artist to artist.

I would try Goo Goo Dolls lyrics are well written, The Postal Service has good beat, Train has a very good lead singer, Citizen Cope has a urban beat to it.

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I would agree that the Postal Service album is great. If you want to go a little more to the guitar rock side of things, the lead singer is also in another band called Death Cab for Cutie - they have a great album out right now called Plans.

If you like alternative folk, there is a new guy named Alexi Murdoch that has been getting quite a bit of airplay here in Austin over the past few weeks. I bought his album and highly recommend it. His sound is just beautiful. Reminds me of Nick Drake.

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I would first sample them online or so with the 30 second music clips (like itunes) cause indie music is very different even from artist to artist...

Either that, or just watch the trailer of that new chick-flick "The Lake House" starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. The song that plays throughout the trailer is one of Keane's hits.

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Not to be a music snob but I don't think much of anything on that list

is "indie". Goo Goo Dolls have been releasing music on Warner Brothers

for like 15 years, Keane is like the most anti-indie thing going now

and Train is considered "dirt-rock" amongst the indie kids. In

The Aeroplane Over The Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel is considered THE

definitive album in many indie-rock circles. I'd suggest that as a

gateway into true indie-rock.

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