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tom b. 57

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I just purchased a pair of Cornwalls and am interested in checking serial numbers against records that Klipsch may have in Archives. Does anyone know how to check such a thing? Is it even possible? please help with ideas on how to go about researching info.

thank you, tom b. 57

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aha, found a printout around here. you can click this live link for the secret decoder.


Congrats on your Cornwalls- they were my first pair and look what happened to me.

Like I always say (and I invented this) Welcome to the Madness!

were you born in 57? I'm class of 58!


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Michael, thanks for your help. I apreciate you taking the time to help my less learned self. According to the list, my Cornwalls were born in '75'. The serial numbers are hand written in ink, they are 6N334 and 6N335. Do those numbers sound legit. The tag on the back is pretty faded so it is hard to read anything else like the name of the person that tested them, inspected them, or the type. Do you have any suggestion s on how I might research these things?

Again, Thank you

(P. S. yes I was born in '57')

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