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Pics of the Dtel's Cornwalls are up......

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Who took the pics?

That Mr. Larry is a very good question. I will email Ms Donna and inquire, I would also like to know what kind of camera was used.

The ones in our home were taken by dtel an our future son-in-law, Johnny. The pic of the PWK logo is certainly one of my favorites. I will inquire as to what type of camera Johnny used.

The box photo(in the house) and the group photo (in the house) were taken with a Kodak Easy Share 4530, 5.0 megapixel.

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Thank You so much for those pictures, very interesting manufacturing process!

#1977...nice saw #2047...wonder what she is doing? #2056...nice color change #2104...big speaker #2121...really big speakers.

My friend #2047 is Ms. Judy McBay, she and Richard Baker, the guy in the paint booth are in charge of "finishing." If I am correct, Ms. Judy, has 28 years with Klipsch, finishing. She is the person that gets the "raw" cabinets ready for paint, stain, lacquer.

Ms. Judy personally runs her hand over every square inch of a Heritage product before it is painted, stained, lacquered, etc. I believe we were told her hands were tested and she can feel l/1000 of an inch difference in wood. Pretty unbelievable huh?

Under Two Channel, The New Cornwall III's are in the house, is a certificate the good folks at the plant had signed for us.

Surprisingly, I do not consider them to be big speakers, although most women probably would. In fact, I am honored to have these speakers in my home.

Actually, the new LaScalas are also beautiful. We saw a pair on the plant tour in Walnut Lacquer and they were spectacular.

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Verrrrry nice indeed!!!

One question about the finish. Did they do anything special with these? Different color pigments in the laq.? ???

The reason I'm asking is that the pair for sale on Damon's website www.klipschcorner.com look grayer/barn boardish to me than your walnut pair. (I'm not talking about the grain pattern difference..just the overall color..just looks different to me)


P.S. Thanks for breaking these in for me. I'll expect shipment of them soon or the pictures I have on you both will be published. [;)]

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Hey JJ how you been, thanks for the ride to the tent raising in hope.

As far as I know it's the standard finish ? It may be the lighting ?

Pictures, I don't remember any pictures? In that case they must be good, wait I didn't drink enough all weekend to not remember.

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Those speakers really look gorgeous. Good choice on the walnut finish.

How often do you get to see your own speakers being made? That is indeed cool, and definitly a fine piece of workmanship by those all involved at the plant. They do indeed look nice in thier "new home".

I sure envy you!

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Is it just me or does anyone else see the illusion that the blue links on the website cyclone created seem to be above the background color?? Not sure how to explain what I'm seeing when I click on the above link. I mean, it's like the words are off the screen in a 3 dimensional sort of way. My question probably doesn't make a lick of sense. [:(]

And at the risk of being critical.....I can't believe that dude is spraying those cabs and not wearing any respirator. YIKES! [:o]


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I was even more concerned about the lack of ear protection -- the noise level was extremely high, and some of those folks surely must be headed toward cases of hearing loss, tinnitus, and possibly Meniere's. All bad things. I passed that on to someone in Indy, have no idea what if anything might be done.


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