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Ricky Bobby


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Funny movie, I think its Will Farrell's best. One of those movies where the previews look dumb, but in the context of the movie its incredibly silly. Him running around the track in his underwear is hilarious.

Many good other characters here too. His wife is a doll-baby. His kids are unruly brats until Grandma tames them. His main rival is gay (not as if there is anything wrong with that), which I can't imagine would sit well with the average NASCAR fan!

The prayers at the dinner table are a scream, and his clueless/pompous persona makes for alot of chuckling-- the movie has its slow parts, but then you'll get hit with a silly-politically incorrect-absurd situation that gets you--

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Saw it today with my wife. She said she only laughed a few times. I heard her laugh a lot more than she thinks she did. I loved it. Gotta love the SNL cameos, too...David Koechner and Molly Shannon seem to be in a lot of SNL alumni movies.

The outtakes during the credits had the whole audience laughing.

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