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False wall for RF-7?


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I'm planning on changing around my speaker & TV setup in my basement and have a question on my room vs. my RF-7s. On the attached pic, you can see that my right RF-7 will be about 6 inches from the angled wall behind it, but the left RF-7 will be a few feet from the flat wall behind it.

How will this affect the bass coming from the rear ports? Would it be possible to build some sort of false wall behind the left RF-7 that was angled slightly to mirror the wall behind the right RF-7? If so, how tall should it be and how long?

Other than how I currently have everything set up (which is along the long wall) this is the only way I can configure my system. I want to change things because right now I sit way too close to the TV and the speakers. Plus my current setup only allows for two people to sit and watch TV or listen to music. The limitations I have are in the bottom of the pic you can see there is a door to my office and a bar on the lower-right, so I can't set my system up on that side of the room.

I will also be placing some acoustic foam on the side walls ceiling and rear walls if/when I set everything up like this.


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