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THX ultra2 setup to new reference series, upgrade?


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Hi everyone!

I own a full-blown THX ultra2 Klipsch setup in 7.1(3 KL650+2 KS525+ 2 KL525) with dual subs and their dedicated amp. I use a Lexicon RV8 receiver to power it. I mostly watch movies and rarely listen to music on my gear...

Would you consider trading my whole THX ultra2 speakers for a RF83+RC64+RS62+RB81+Velodyne DD15 to be an upgrade in terms of sound quality for movies?

Thanks in advance;-)

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Oh wow, definetly stick to the Ultra2 lineup - no doubt about it.

If you're looking to upgrade you might want to consider a few other alternatives:

  • move to seperates - a dedicated pre/pro with a multichannel amplifier
  • invest in more subbage - Infinite Baffle or Danley DTS-20
  • upgrade your current picture - what are you running right now?
  • Acoustical Treatment - the room dictates a good portion of the sound so you will get the most bang for the buck by treating your room. There are certain specifications for the playback room dictated in the THX Ultra spec sheets. I'll see if I can't find any of them.
  • Other Bells and whistles - just browse through some of the crazy setups others have implemented on this board to get an idea of what can be done.

I also wouldn't consider the DD15 to be an upgrade from the dual Ultra2 subs. But I suppose it's one of those things you gotta hear for yourself.

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good advice all- keep the THX, it's the most perfectly matched you can get today. The sub system is better than ANY ref system, your front lineup are exactly the same, etc etc.

Are you unhappy with your present setup in any way? Perhaps time for some room treatments or a new recliner, that should help out!


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