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Perfect Nirvana...OR Always Changing?

Me Loves Khorns

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I enjoyed the responses to my question of worst upgrade ever....


1: Have you reached audio nirvana, having upgraded, downgraded, degraded, etc. all that you care to in your system, and simply sit back and listen and enjoy? An upgrade to you now is a new cd, piece of vinyl, or dvd.[H][Y]


2: You like your system. It is not bad, but: you still have a new preamp, amp, cd player, dvd player, tt, interconnect, speaker wire, tube, cartridge, tone arm, or something else on your mind that you are convinced, or at least hope, will bring you closer still to that peak of Nirvana?[*-)]

A theory of mine is that those who have achieved Nirvana may have left the forum and simply listen to music, or they may still be here and tell others how they too can get a little piece of Nirvana.[8-)]

Interested to hear your responses.[;)]


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I'm a little of both #1 and #2.

Regarding #1, I am pretty much set with my component lineup: MX-110, MC-30's (two pairs), Ah! Tjoeb 4000 CD, Belle Klipsch. I am also considering a turntable, but my current room setup isn't really ideal for that......I'm still mulling over possibilities here. I don't really forsee this sytem changing that much. I'm happy with what I have (and not without serious travel and evaluation of other gears, either) - and am pleased to be "out of the search" for better components/etc. It's really a matter of reinforcing what I have....which brings me to the #2 portion of the program........

I do still have some items to gather to reinforce all of this. Top of the list......TUBES. Glorious vintage 6L6GC, Amperex and Telefunken 12AX7, Amperex 12AU7, RCA 12BH7, and of course rectifiers are all on the list - as well as other MX-110 specific tubes (Oh, and Seimens 7308 for my Ah! - they are DA BOMB in this machine). I want to have sufficient stocks to make sure I don't ever run out. I don't plan to be a member of "the amp of the month" club.....I plan to keep the 30's permanently, and therefore will be gathering sufficient tube stocks to keep 'em sounding their best til the death.

I have yet to decide on what parts / build to use for my second pair of MC30s. That investigation is ongoing.

Then I have plans to purchase two MC-30 amplifiers and an MX-110 for parts archive, just in case I need a precious tranny, circuit board, or switch for my preamp 20 years from now, when they will be made of unobtainum.

I also plan to pick up the upsampler for the Ah! Tjoeb 4000. I'm also still evaluating network possibilities for the Belles, and plan to freshen the caps in four of my 6 HT Cornwalls.

So for here, #1 and #2 applies. I'm gearwise pretty much where I want to be......just a matter of reinforcing these systems for a lifetime of listening enjoyment.

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There's no such thing as "perfect" nirvana. I think many of us get to a point that if there's better sound than what we're getting -- we simply don't care. We either flat out can't afford it, or the difference or increase in performance isn't worth the expenditure. This is where I'm at now. I'm content, but fully realize I can do better, and all to aware of what it would take to get me there. Forget it -- I'm done.

Some things are just different, some things really are better.

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Oh come on, 95% of us are #2. Just admit it.

Here is the deal. We get our systems to the point that they are ebtter than 90 to 95% of what is out there, but there is always somehting else to try. Its the joy of buying a new toy. I could easily be content with my system for the rest of my life, or the system I had before this one for that matter. But then its like oh I should try vinyl, or if you have a tube amp you can always tube roll. Or, I have a two channel system, but I need an HT room, etc.

So basically, you have to decide when it ends, but remmeber to always enjoy the ride.


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