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"Mega" '70's receivers


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That gear that Mike and tarheel have(had) are solid, fine quality looking units, the sansui with 125 per is a workhorse, and tar's pioneer, at 185 per, balls with capital letters, nice, no, great units guys................a little different than what you get today, the only drawback is they are 2 channel.........but, GREAT 2 channel.........I can only imagine that Pioneer with a 5.1, DTS options.......Nice equipment Gentlemen..............

Thanks oldbuckster......I would like to have another room to set up the SX-1280 to power my equally vintage McIntosh ML-1Cs. They were reconed and had new surrounds installed two years ago. I also refinished the cabinets at that time. I know they would not sound nearly as good as the LaScallas but it would be nice to take a listen.


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Tarheel, that really is a nice unit, I can't imagine 185 per channel, that has to be a Bad Boy..........Just like looking at the 70's equipment, good looks, hefty units, classy looks.....the Audio market was starting to climb up back then, leaving HI-FI in the dust, the Stereo Market was fueled by Sevicemen buying up all the product, at cheap prices, and sending it home, turning friends on to the equipment, and sales took off........and the rest is well, history. Look at the market today...............thanks for sharing......

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I took my Marantz 2270 to a McIntosh clinic back in the early seventies. As I was wrestling it to the bench, Danny O'Brian, the legendary Mac tech, was badmouthing everything about the Marantz receivers, from build quality to performance. Well, after the tests, when the 2270 cheerfully put out about 95 watts per channel, 20-20,000 hz with distortion at the residual limits of his test equipment, Mr. O'Brian disconnected the the receiver and said, "They've got some real engineers over there."

High praise indeed.

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Your right Dee, that does look just like the Big Kinnie[:D]

Thebes, is that a SX-1050 on the lower right? My first piece I bought myself in Germany Circa 1978[;)]

I was so broke but so eager after getting it I went and bought Blose 201's next check and blew the cones right out the front[:(] LOL

Regained my composure quickly and then landed those Larger Advents and was in HOG heaven[:P]

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THEBES You Old Dog You, Very nice pile of equipment there, some Bad Boys in that pile, no doubt, care to hand out some spec's? Come on man, don't be a tease, hand over some numbers...............Didn't I see a 125 per Marantz after your stuff, Zapper's I think, Keep 'em coming Guys...........I like lookin' at that stuff, not junk to me......Thanx Guys...

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You mean these old things?


Is that big rascal with the rack handles a Kenwood? I can't recall the model number, but one of my roomates had one of those at 160 wpc and it was a beast.

It looks to me more like one of the old Concept line of receivers.

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Ok, let's see if I can give you the rundown:

Top Left: Panasonic SA 5500, suprisingly good sounding, maybe 35 SS

watts, but almost tube-like warmth and very good depth and soundstage.

A suprise for what was probably low-end at that time.

Middle Left: Sansui 5000, ye old thumper bought from a guy who brought

it back from the 'Nam". 180 Watsons, ok sound, actually have the manual

and service manual and it came with a huge laminated set-up sheet.

Bottom Left: Setton RS220, big monster, forget the wattage but probably

equal to the Sansui. From I undertsand, they are probably

re-badged Pioneers, sold in smaller stereo shops during the

heyday, so they would have a seperate stereo line to sell at their

shops. Sounds nice enough to have spent over a $100 on fixing a

cold solder joint and tuner realignment. Very cool looks.

Top Right: Marantz 2220, the baby Marantz of the 2200 line at 15

to 20 watts I think. Just gave it to my nephew along with

my my other babbies, KG 3.5's as a college graduation gift.

An absouletly stellar combination. Probably my favorite in the SS


Middle Right: this is an NEC Integrated amp, can't recall the

model number. Gave it to my neice along with some very nice KG

4.2's for her college graduation. Funny thing, tried out all of

these amps/receivers over two months for the best match with the 4.2's

and the NEC won out. Sounded only OK with all my other

speakers. Some sort of chemistry going on there. Excellent


Bottom Right: Pioneer SX750. I seem to recall 80 a side,

Watson wise. Has a noisy left channel (sorta weird to have a bad

left channel, for some reason they are usually on the right

side). Static aside, only so-so.

Not shown, a Fisher Model 432. Heavy beast with tons of silver,

blue meters, and insidee some of the nicest and mot intricate

electronics I've ever seen. (pristine condition by

the way). Sounds like crap, can't understand why. Heavy

trannies, you can tell at a glance the engineering was well thought

out. Probably should run it for 100 hours to see if it dials

itself in ,but life is to short and I've become a tube-head.

So where's the rest of the eye candy?

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Yep...I had an old Pioneer that I do not recall the model #. I do know I was pushing some AR speakers and a set of home made K-horns my stepfather made in the early 60's. I still have the knock off k-horns in the basement that I has going to fire up for the first time in perhaps 27 years with his old Heathkit that I know nothing about because it wasn't "cool" back then.

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I owned a Super Mecha Godzilla in the 80s. Brought it used on e-bay for $4200 and it only had 150,000 miles on it. God that thing could crush Tokyo like nobody's business. Talk about power, the thing could do Mach 5 and weighed 150,000 tons. In todays terms it was an environmental disaster. Probably killed more with its exhaust and toxic turds than hits punching fists and fire breathing, but he was beauty. Sadly in 1986 I got crushed in the market and had to sell him for scrap.


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