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Finished putting up the acoustic foam (pics)


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Yikes, I didn't realize how dark the pics were! Well, the foam consists of 3"x3"x24" corner foam blocks and 2"x12"x12" wedge foam tiles. Tomorrow I'll try and tackle the first reflections on the side walls and see how it goes from there.

As you can see my basement ceiling and walls have pretty odd angles.

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Sounds excellent so far. The rear foam has helped the sound seem more immediate and direct, it no longer is echoed all over by the angles in the rear wall and ceiling. Its interesting to put your head up to the foam and them move it directly below it. There are very strong reflections coming back from the untreated part of the wall but the treated part sounds almost completely dead. The room has had a problem with boomy bass in various areas too and they seem to have been smoothed out nicely.

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Foam setup is 95% complete. I honestly can't believe how much of a difference it made!!

I agree with others who have done it, other than different speakers, this has made the most impact on sound quality compared to any upgraded amp, CD player, etc. My total investment was $63 shipped. It looks like I will only be using about half of the foam that I received, too. I'll either put the rest up on eBay or offer it for sale on here when my project is completed.

The DIY bass traps that I made from the wedge tiles & corner blocks have increased the lower octave bass noticeably. My wife said things seem more muffled, but I think they seem much more flat and natural. Of course she has commandeered the basement and is currently watching the Food Network so I can't mess around with music or movies quite yet. [+o(]

I'll have to toss Star Wars III in or maybe Behind Enemy Lines to test out the dynamics of the new setup.

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Congratulations! Starting to deal with a room can give huge gains in performance.

"I think I'm done. It was a pretty easy install with the spray adhesive."

If you used the spray adhesive FoamByMail sells you aren't done.....

... the stuff holds OK on sides walls for awhile but eventually they are going to fall down again. Used on a ceiling the tiles will be falling within a day or two. I put up 1" foam on the entire ceiling in my room with that adhesive and by the second day at least half of it had fallen again. I tore the rest down and put 2" stuff up in its place with Liquid Nails. That has held it perfectly for about 2 years now.


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