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Why does my speaker sound louder in win2k?

Evil Mage

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I have win2k pro and win98 installed.. the speakers are notciably much much louder on my win2k and my win98 at the same voume setting on teh nob and in windows...

is this an issue of drivers or what? I would like to reach the same level of performance in win98 as I do in win2k since this is where I play most of my games... i would firgure this problem would be the other way around

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I don't think that's the case, both OS has all the newest updates, using the newest livewire 3.0 from SB, both using directX 8.0, and it's really really noticable..

I think I had this problem once of my speakers sounding really low... but it was just a win98 problem then.. I had my digital output turned on when I didn't have a digital output card... but I checked and it's nto on now.. is there another place or something where I can check to see if it's turned on?

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