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Zappa plays Zappa


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Note, I saw a performance of Zappa Plays Zappa sometime after my original posts here. I must surely have posted about it somewhere.

Yes, this is a great show to see and the sound system in use is exquisite. But then Frank was always a stickler for good gear. Cool to hear that he's not looking over his shoulder any more but equally glad that he's breathing life back into his father's body of work. It's a fitting tribute to a great composer.

Frank would be grinning.

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Here's a more detailed review of last night's show by someone more knowledgeable, who was also planning to attend tonight's show in Vancouver. During Flakes, instead of a Bob Dylan voice, Scheila did a spot-on Eric Cartman voice, and the audience loved it.

Tonight was my 2nd ZPZ experience, and what a show it was! Even got a set list and my ticket signed by the Dweez himself! The whole band was once again in top form, Scheila, you are simply amazing(what a great Cartman!!!!), Aaron's solo in Inca Roads was incredible, Joe, Billy, Pete, and Jamie were fabulous as usual, Ray White's voice sounds as good as it did 20 years ago...maybe even better!! And last but certainly not least, Dweezil has grown into such an amazing guitarist and band leader, and deserves all kudos for bringing Frank's music out for us to appreciate in a live setting.
Highlights for me were Pygmie Twylite, Inca Roads, Billy the Mountain, and the cool interaction with Ray and Scheila during Willie the Pimp.
Wish list for next year: Keep it Greasy, Tinseltown Rebellion, Penguin in Bondage, Watermelon in Easter Hay, Son of Mr. Green Genes.

Set List:

Imaginary Diseases
Florentine Pogen
Pygmie Twylite - Roxy Version
Idiot Bastard Son
Peaches En Regalia*
Inca Roads*
Guitar Giveaway - A guy named Jeff, couldn't play but got a got a lesson from the Dweez!
Billy The Mountain*
Broken Hearts Are For Assholes
Bamboozled By Love
King Kong - Band Solos
Joe's Garage*
Outside Now
Cosmik Debris*


Uncle Remus
Willie the Pimp
G-Spot Tornado

See you all in Vancouver!!!!

Tim Rieberger
Victoria, BC

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A slightly burly chap with white hair and an English accent? I was sitting near the mixing console and told him after the show that I thought the sound was great. He seemed flattered and very happy to hear that.

Yes, I think I spoke with him briefly after the show. I usually try to leave the engineers alone, but a hearty 'thanks for a splendid show' was definitely in order. He's got a lot of instruments to keep track of and ton of cues and effects and nailed it pretty well all night.

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zappa plays zappa dvd. with 'ocd like' enthusiasm, i have watched this entire dvd set over and over again!! i have never listened much to franks music, but this is one of THE best bands that i've ever seen. some of the best jams to date. inca roads is probably the pinnacle for me. dweezil nails a terrific solo. this is a must have dvd!!!!

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