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"Exotic" speakers and braging about my GF


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So, I just flew back from Canada to Denver (it's a 7 hour drive from there to my small town in no-where Wyoming) and so when my girlfriend and I passed through Fort Collins we stopped at the local Ultimate Electronics (birth place of my original -35 and -7 systems) and Ovation Audio.

To clarify for you mid-westeners, this isn't the Ovation Audio chain, it's a locally owned audiophile store. As such, there's no Klipsch (that's a knock too snooty audio-fools, not to Klipsch!), but there are some awesome elexctronics (and tubes galore), and some ver interesting speakers.

I was looking at an Omega speaker, which had a single "full-range" 4 inch driver on a rear-ported slightly over-sized box. I finally let curiosity get the better of me and asked the proprietor how a speaker like that could put out much bass. His response was "Just like the other ones, by moving air". I'm sure he thought this was funny, but having several semesters worth of phsics under my belt, I had to bite my tongue pretty hard. After telling us that some of his customers had proclaimed it the best sounding speaker they'd heard, he fire the speaker up; with orchestral music, you could indeed hear the advantage of not having a cross-over (there is klipsch-like upper end detail, and a perfectly smooth transition from the highs into the midrange). But it did, indeed, lack bass, and it was also coloring the sound, which was painfully obvious on the male vocal track he put on next, whcih sounded atrocious. My girlfriend was not impressed, and you could see it in her facial expression.

She asked about the dual concentric drivers on a pair of Tannoy's, and after a short lecture from the proprietor about how famous and intricate and unparalleled they were, he played them for us. The did sound much better than the Omega did, although there was some strange sibilance present, and they lacked the authority (especially in the low end) of the RF-83s.

After a minute or two of listening, my girlfriend got up and announced "I guess I'm a Klispch girl", and that was that. We left without purchasing anything. I've never been prouder.

P.S. To be fair, the speakers we heard were probably not placed as well as mine, and some were less expensive. Still, considering the absolute snub given by a place like that to Klipsch products, I expected to at least hear something as good as m home system, if not substantially better. I love the -83s, almost as much as I love my Klipsch-girl!

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nice write-up, nice gf

does she have a sister?


You really willing to commute to Wyoming? It'll make getting home very late and your employer may not appreciate that!!

Now that I think about it, where do we send complaints on Klipsch employees?


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That's not the first time I heard about the snobbish attitude of the salesmen there. Pretty snooty. They pretty much know everthing and the rest of us are plebeian. That came from a friend who was turntable shopping. I guess I'll have to check them out myself now. Lived here for decades and have never been in there.

After being at the RMAF it'll be interesting to see thier stuff. (RMAF was awesome BTW).


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Heck , if she's a Klispch girl, she can just move right on it,

For now you may direct comments to Steve Phillips. I'm sure he'd love to hear from you guys! [6]

Am I not gonna be able to have any fun here guys? I thought we were friends.[:(]


Hell no! You're one of THEM now. [;)] [;)] [:)]


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She does have a sister, but she's married. Also, here sister isn't a Klipsch girl...although her husband recently became a Klipsch fan when they watched The Incredibles at reference levels at our house (muh wah ha ha ha ha!).

I used to live in Laramie, but now I'm managing the science at a museum in Thermopolis...hence the looooong drive to and from Denver. But if you WY/CO guys get together with some advanced warning (or want to come up and see our system) let me know and I'll see if the GF and I can get our schedules clear.

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