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Reel to reel project update...


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I think I've stumbled across a mint Technics 1506 to put with my Techics 1500 for my dream system to dub some of the precorded reels I've obtained...The little bit of dubbing from 4-track to 2-track at 3 3/4 ips I've has been really clear using GP9 and it'll be much easier with the 1506. Angel told me that the new GP9 from Quantegy gave him a flat-line frequency response of 25hz-30khz when he adjusted the bias on my PR99 to it. He was pretty excited about how wide and flat the new formulation was from a technical stance...I don't know if my old ears can hear that high anymore, but you can really saturate the stuff compared to the old Maxell UL...

I finally figured out that I can send my Revox PR99 to my "authorized" Revox repair center for a complete overhaul/tune-up...Did other folks already know that? What a trip that factory service with authorized parts is still available. I'm thinking of sending it off for some preventative maintenance as I'm already chasing after a VU meter issue and think the machine is probably worth the overhaul if I want to use over the long haul since the sound is wonderful, has sos/echo capability and very different then the Technic and Tascam.

I've also come across some really great pre-recorded gems along with some of the duds. I got a copy of "Hey Jude" that is crystal clear in that analog way and a copy a copy of Janis Joplin's "Kozmic Blues" that's in really great shape. I also found a good copy of the original Black Sabbath album and had forgotten how great they sound in analog...I'll be happy getting these guys dubbed onto longer tapes as I'd forgotten how fast an "album" side goes!

Curiously, I found a great, "unplayed" copy of Sly and the Family Stone that really makes me really wanna dance...what's curious is that I got a hankering for some Sly a few months back, so I purchased a Sly/Family Stone CD and found that it just didn't sound right or like I remembered them and was dissatisfied with the CD so put it aside. I'd forgotten about the CD until I came across the pre-recorded reel and played it. The tape was really revealing and sounded great, making me an analog believer...

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I've loved analog tape for some time, but steer clear. I'm irrationally into vinyl and that's bad enough...

I have a Sly best of CD that didn't sound right to me either. I loaded some of it into my multitrack recorder to look at the waveforms and discovered that the polarity is reversed on one channel. Unreal that something like that would get out the door!

It's the Epic "Anthology" EGK 37071

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Too late...I've already got the bug! The Sly CD was the "greatest hits"...The CD is buried at the moment, but I'll check its' ID number once I find it (I loaded all my CD's onto a server and put them in to storage...) [&]

Anyhow some of these tapes are in great shape and the Cornwalls are very revealing in the stuff you can hear! I've some old 2-track, 7 1/2 ips in-line tapes coming and I'm very curious about their audio quality, since 7 1/2ips 2-track has pretty good resolution...unfortunately, I've already got the analog tape bug...[:o]

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