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Anyone ever seen a pair of Industrial La Scalas like these?


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Hmmm, should these have factory signed labels on the back of them?

What about the exposed screw/bolt heads on the front?

I would check a close up view of the top of the horn section and bass bin for filled in screw holes.

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"What about the exposed screw/bolt heads on the front?"

The front board is removed for servicing the drivers.

Yes that is the way the LSI are constructed. Bolt/nuts were used to secure the horns to the front panel. I have seen BR pairs like this before. I think them genuine. Small 'filled nail/screw holes' are not from removed Al trim, but from nail gun used to peg the panels together when glue dries.

To test for whether there was ever trim on them, the cast aluminum corner blocks had a screw on each face about 1" from the corner.

Do the mid/hi cabinets feature a handle on one of the narrow ends and two dual banana jacks on the other side in a jack cup?

Also on an industrial cabinet, the bottom doghouse door was mounted flush to the cabinet bottom, not surface mounted like a standard LS.


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I was initally refering to the exposed screws or bolts ofr the mid horn and tweeter which seem to come from the front, rather than the rear....but now that you mention the border pattern......would have expected a bottom plate approach.

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