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Why Klipsch?


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well i went to a stereo shop in kc,mo about 1974 and heard k-horns and salesman said paul was going to be there sat.so my mom took me there and i meet paul we talked and then all listened to speakers for 2 hours my mom wanted to leave until she heard some of her music on k-horns then she wanted to stay...then i saved up bought la scalas in 1980 and wow.also got and read all of them,got some rolling stones adds too.i went to hope in early 80s got pictures meet paul, saw pleiglass k-horn.then in 85 stereo shop had demo with paul there they had hearseys with a tree felling video and when the tree hit the ground i bet everyone in there thought that tree fell right next to them it was great!!!!ill bet some of those people had to check there uderwear after that demo.

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Why Klipsch? Ah, let me count the ways!

1...low distortion

2...high sensitivity

3...high output


5...pedigree (heritage, at least)

6...quality cabinetry

7...high value


9...slammin' bass

10..natural mids

11..cool and clear highs; not tizzy

12..uh, they just sound better...dude.

---------------MERRY KLIPSCHMAS------------------------



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My first listen to a set of Klipsch was at an audio shop near Illinois State University. I remember being there with a friend who was purchasing a Nakamichi tape deck, and while he was finishing his purchase, the other salesman let me kill time by hearing these unusual, corner placed speakers (Klipschorns). I remember thinking that these weren't speakers - they're furniture! I was amazed, of course, but that's not what really sold me on Klipsch as a brand (I'm thinking that these are for folks who have endless cash to spend on audio - something that I would likely ever see).

How I became sold on Klipsch is a different story! Fast forward 4 years: A service technician/friend who worked at the audio shop where I worked was shopping for a set of speakers that "would play at party levels - and do it clean". Nothing in our store would do, so he bought a set of Klipsch Fortes with an H/K PM665 integrated amp (one of H/K's last dual power transformer units at 150 WPC) and BLEW THEM - in three days! I know you are thinking he abused them - but not beyond the clean power of the amp. The salesman brought out a set of Cornwall II's to his home - the salesman wasn't too happy - but the sound that came out of these big boys was nothing short of impossible! Slamming, rock concert quality! Loud and clean - something that I thought did not exist in a home model. I could hear them four blocks down the street at the gas station - and my friend has a stack of letters from complaining residents about the "noise". I'm like eq shalimar on this board (nice sig on your posts too, buddy!) - I really enjoy the true rock concert sound of the Klipsch - but then again, anything you play through them sounds great. The speakers still play as well now as they did then, even after all of that pounding over the years. I spent 12 years wanting a set of Heritage Klipsch - and I finally got a pair of Cornwall IIs of my own, thanks to this board. I love them dearly!

Ditka vs. Klipsch - it's a tiecwm32.gif


First we Rock, then we Roll!

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Why I like Klipsch speakers so much and why I have so many?

Very simple

One day I was very mad at my next door...clowns.So I decided to get real LOUD speakers.

I decided to shop for the LOUDEST speakers with some quality I could find.Cerwin Vega eliminated I went on a heard(ear damage)the Klipsch KLF30's! WOW what POWER and the finesse of 1200lbs ballet dancer! LOL

I continued to look..oh a Klipsch Horn!WOW The power of an acoustic American or Russian weapon and it can play my fave Metallica and Rob Zombie tunes.WOW

I ...well I got the KLF30's ,after a month I sold them.After making the clowns that live next door pay dB and SPL style.

A few years later I heard the RB-5's and liked the sound also(not just the POWER)purchased these.After came the RF-5's and finally the RF-7's were added!

Wow now I have a weapon and some quality(bass punch to knock your carcass down flat!).

And when mated to my ATI and Celeste power amps I do get a small piece of the ATOMIC pie when I play movies and some heavy metal.

WOW romantic is it not? cwm38.gif


TheEAR(s) Now theears

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