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FS: Chorus II in Chicago Suburbs


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Hi all,

I'm putting up my black pair of Chorus II for sale. I've been using them as my surrounds in the last couple of months. But I had to move them out of the family into the garage over the holiday/weekend cause we hosted Thanksgiving dinner. This made me realize that my family room is just too small to have these as surrounds. And I would just hate to have another set of speakers just laying around unused.

I'm the second owner of these. They are sequentially numbered. On one, there's bigger chip but I think with some care it can be fixed. But overall they look very nice and sound great. I'll try to post pictures of them later tonight.

I'm located in Elk Grove Village, IL. I'm asking $650 for these, but I'll entertain a reasonable offer.



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I finally got around to taking some pictures of these Chorus II speakers. And I just noticed that while it was stored in the garage, my kid got to one of the passive radiators and dented it. But that doesn't affect the sound of it. I should also mention that this is for local pickup only. I don't want to risk shipping these.


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The dented passive radaitor is an easy fix. I've done it myself on my SW10 numerous times. My kids won't quit playing around behind the sub so the center gets dented often. I've also fixed a pair of MTX terminator subs the same way.

First place your canister vacum cleaner hose end on the dent with the vacum off. Turn on the vacum and slowly slide it around the entire dented area until repaired. Most of the times the repair will completely repair the dent cosmetically, rarely you may see one of the creases that were initially made, but your photo showes minor damage and will completely dissappear.

Good luck in your sale.

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