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New Guy,


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Hi all;

Had a question about surrounds. I have a set of La Scalas and want to add surround but I cant find anything that will keep up with them. I'm on a budget, so I'm trying to stay under $150. Will a pair of the quintets work?

I've tried a few different bookshelf speakers and you cant even hear them unless you turn off the LS's.

Oh and if you want better bass response from you LS's take them somewhere you can crank them up then play your favorite music loud for about 5 or 6 hours, it seems to break them in. In my case I actually hauled them to a party in a park and had a 130 watt per channel amp at about half volume all afternoon, the party moved about 30 yards from them where the speakers where, the sound was incredible and at 200 yards there was this wonderfully crystal clear ambient effect. Anyway after putting them back in the house the bass was noticeably richer at lower volumes. It was so much better I have put off buying a sub for 10 years now.



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The difficulty you are having here is efficiency - the LaScalas will blow away most bookshelf speakers to the point where the bookshelf speakers won't be heard.

I have a similar concern with my Cornwall II's. I am looking to find surround speakers that will match up with them well. Those models will be either Heresys, Quartets, Fortes, Choruses, or another set of Cornwalls. Heresys are a more space saving choice, and the lowest cost option of the five - they will cost 400 per pair and up, and that's used.

Bottom line.....you want a Klipsch Heritage model of some kind to use as surrounds (one of the above listed choices). Otherwise, it is unlikely that you will really be happy with the surround sound. None of these will fall into the $150 price category though - it would be worthwhile to try to increase the budget, even if it means waiting a bit. You'll be much more pleased with the results.

Maybe some in the group have other suggestions, but that's my take on it.



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Shomey---Sounds like your controller lacks sufficient adjustment range, I've had no trouble matching VOTs in front to small "mini monitors" in the rear. In any case your best bet for $150 is to go on ebay and find some used EV fullrange drivers like SP-8s or SP-12s. These are efficient, in some cases very efficient, drivers and should be in your price range, they sound good too. Get them and build your own boxes for them.

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Shomeyrwit (Show me your wit?) Very catchy name. Unfortunately, I can't help you here but you have just heard from some guys that are pretty knowledgable in this area. I agree, however. Raise your budget and hold out for some Heresy's of the same vintage and you won't be disappointed...



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My tuner is 100 watts a channel in surround mode but the volume control is insufficient to compensate for less effecient rears.

I got lucky with my center channel, it's an Infinity SM1 should have just bought three of those and used them for surrounds, of course even at the great price I got that would have been another $300.

I want Heresy's for surround but have no room (or Money) for them

Do you really think the quintets wouldn't work?

They say the sensitivty is 90db,,, of course I was thinking about saving up for some ss1's they are S,96db

Maybe I should just wait till I get out of college and buy what I need when I get a job.

thanks again

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You would be very disappointed with performance, tone and timbre of Quintets to La Scalas, providing you could here them. RS-7's or RS-3's would work better for movie only use. They would provide wide dispersion sound to fill the rear seating area, but they would not work well for 5 channel music listening. However, their cost exceeds your budgeted dollars as well

The only other low cost options I can think of for buying the Heritage Speakers you really need are:

1) Run ad in your local paper(s).

2) Check local Pawn Shops & flea markets.

3) Check ads for any possible garage sales.

Some members have made some rare and wonderful finds using the methods above.

Good luck,




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If space is at a premium, what about losing the LaScalas and investing in 4 Heresys? The music will suffer slightly but the balance in an HT setting is pretty important. I have 4 Heresys myself and with the KSW-12, well lets just say its impressive. ( At least to me it is) BTW I am also quite familiar with the LaScala sound since my brother has had a beautiful pair for 20 or so years. I guess my overall point is I dont think I am giving up much to the LSs in sound and am saving substantial space with Heresys and a sub. Good luck.


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These guys are giving you great advice. I found myself in a similar situation. I had an old pair of Heresy speakers and was advised to match them. I listened to several speakers at local stores and decided to follow their advice. Was I glad I did! Thanks to the the forum members I found a pair near me for $350. I also just picked up a mis-matched pair for $250 on Ebay. I'm going to use one of them for a center channel. I can't wait for them to arrive.

Save your pennies, it will be worth the wait. Believe me.

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