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Erik Mandaville

1/4" phone jacks, grid leaks, grid stoppers...

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Is that the amp you've been working on? Was it a kit originally? Cute little bugger!


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I was a kit I made a long time ago. a couple of years ago, I had a look on the inside and decided my skills had improved a bit. So, I tore everything out to the last resistor, and rebuilt it. I never liked the layout in the original version, and relocated filter caps, etc. VTV did a short piece on this amp awhile back, and used it with Klipschorns. They seem to like the lower powered amps, but I've said in the past that that is simply there opinion, and doesn't mean bigger amps aren't good. Speaking of which, I really need to try to make some headway on this 6L6 thing, which is mostly my own design. I loved that Baldwin organ amp with Klipschorns, and that was absolutely more powerful than my tiny-power amps that weigh a ton, are terribly inefficient, but still sound good.

But yeah, my dad sent me that kit a long time ago. It's sound is really worth the improved wiring I did on it, and it's probably going to be a long-term headphone amp.


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Jim: These are my headphones:

Hey Erik, long time!

Jim told me about this amp you were working over. Very nice indeed! I take it that amp powers the HD650's fine with their 350 ohm impedance?

My amp that Jim was referring to is the Little Dot Micro+. Nothing special at all. It's a little battery powered portable job which is only being used as a home based unit. It does amazingly well powering my K701's. Eventhough they are 67 ohms (IIRC) and fairly efficient, they still require a bit more current than this little amp can provide to really make them shine. It's still impessive though, and the battery lasted 255+ hours before finally dieing last night.

At any rate, I'm in search for a nice tube amp for my cans. There are several of them floating around, mostly from China. They get pretty good reviews and all, but they all use tubes that are almost impossible to find, unless you live in China. Go figure... [8-)]

Anyway, here's a few pics of my setup just for fun.

Source: Sony DVP-NS755V

IC: Signal Cable Analog Two w/ Eichmann Bullets

Little Dot Micro+

AKG K701





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