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Dead Input/Driver tube?


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I am new to tubes so please help me. I just received a Sophia Baby amp about a week ago. The amp sounded great for about 2 days with my Heresy's. Yesterday, when I turned the unit on, the right channel started making scratching sounds (sounds like a noisy pot) and then a squealing sound. I quickly turned the unit off. To make sure that it was not the amp, I switched the tubes around and noticed that the other channel was dead (no sound) and the channel that originally was scrachy was now playing music. When I switched the tubes again the scratchy/squealing sound returned. Looking at the bad tube shows me that the bottom is glowing blue, and the top was not lit at all.

Is this normal for the tube to go like this? What could have caused it? Should I return the amp (under its return policy)?

Thanks for your help.

Milton paniced in Florida

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If the problem follows the tubes as you swap them around, I think you did a good job of pin pointing the problem.

If it has a return policy, perhaps you can get the seller to send you some tubes.

Unlike SS equipment, Tubes sound nice, but they take a little more involvement to keep going.

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