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Vibration isolators - brass, wood, etc. - - snake oil or worth while tweeks?


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I'm still wondering where these vibrations are coming from...[^o)]

If it's the sound of the speakers, then wouldn't it be easier / cheaper to put the equipment in an adjacent room? If it's random vibrations from the floor, then wouldn't the vibrating walls of your room have more of an impact (moving air molecules around instead of electrons)? Or is it the vibration of the little men running around in the cables trying to guide the electrons down the right path? [A]

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What is the principle of operation - is it isolation or coupling (is it to promote passing vibration or to filter vibration?)

When spikes are placed under components the claim is to isolate, but when put under speakers it is to couple - is this an inconsistancy?

Very interesting observation - I never noticed that before!

Why don't pianos use spikes?

Cuz pianos are so heavy the spikes would go right through the floor??? [:o]

Why is the spike of an upright bass and cello (built in - sticks out the bottom) always placed on a soft pad?

It's only put on a soft pad when the floor isn't carpeted (sometimes it's even used on carpet to prevent tearing it up). I had a friend that went through a concert without one of the soft pads...the wooden floor of the auditorium was too slippery to keep it still, so he braced against his music stand. As you can imagine, the music stand and his cello went flying during a more exciting part of the piece - I thought it was hilarious (but our teacher didn't). We always had a spare set in the orchestra room after that. [:)]

Do recording studios put all their gear on spikes?

I guess it depends on the genre of music - I've seen some really cool death metal bands with spikey feet on their guitar amps and pedals.

Do bugs underneathe the equipment count as spikes? [^o)]

Should my record storage cabinet be on spikes?

Yes, especially if you listen to vinyl...you don't want any floor vibrations to ruin the smoothness of the groove while they're sitting there on the shelf.

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