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Anthem AMP1 Will Not Power Off -


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If its not the switch, which I would check first, then its possible that there is a high voltage ceramic disc at around .1uf/1000v connected across the switch to eliminate turn on transient spikes from getting to the amp circuit. That may have burned out and shorted.

I would unsolder the wires to the switch, and remove it. Check its operation with an ohmeter connected across the terminals. When you switch it off, the ohmeter should read overload or very high ohms reading. Megaohms. When you turn the switch on, the ohmeter should read 0 ohms or short circuit. If it reads 0 ohms, or a few ohms, whether the switch is on or off, its shorted and needs replaced.

If the switch is ok, try changing the "spike" capacitor connected across it.


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Deang, just curious, how do you like your AMP1? I have two and really like them, but just thought I'd get another opinion. Are you using "standard" EL-34's, or did you upgrade them to Mullards or something?


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