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What does this mean?


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I was going to hook up my Sunfire sub to my tube/Heresy setup and then I read something in the manual that stopped me in my tracks. It reads "Your amplifier or receiver MUST have common grounded outputs, or it will be damaged if connected to the subwoofers's Speaker Level inputs."

What does this mean? I don't want to screw up my amp.


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Thanks, I will contact them to find out.

If you have an ohm meter, I'd measure the resistance between the negative terminals, left and right on the amp and the sub, both items off.

I inherently don't trust answers from phone-answerers to questions like you are looking to ask them on the phone. I've called/talked to supposed tech help too many times with questions to find that the person knew next to nothing about anything other than the model number and their canned answers given by leadership. However, I did recently call denon and the guy actually agreed to forward the question to an engineer and I received a forwarded reply from the engineer via email.

Measuring for a dead short between the negative speaker terminals, and also from each negative speaker terminal to the chassis ground is something you can do that will give you a difinitive answer without risk of some kid saying "yeah, I'm pretty sure they are" or "it doesn't matter if they are or not, my sub worked fine with speaker level inputs" or some other answer that doesn't help you.

Good Luck

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Do you have a preamp in front of the tube amp? You might find better results by splitting the signal inbetwee the pre and tube amp (Y-adaptor) instead of running the speaker outputs into the subwoofer. There's usually less degredation of the signal this way and you don't have to worry about blowing stuff up.

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