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Hey Gang -- Check this site out if you haven't already and you're into RTR... http://www.tapeproject.com/

Be forewarned, its' expensive and doesn't cater to the "average" rtr rig...on the other hand, its' capable of essentially nuking any LP-based analog system with a bit of a sneeze I suspect for a fraction of the cost in terms of set-up and up-keep. It'd be nice if it also started stimulating more interest in RTR in the long run, but that's my bias...

I probably won't be able to afford a charter subscription, but I am thinking about doing the non-charter option and saving my money to outfit one of my Technics as a "tape project specific machine" down the road...it'd probably also make a killer recorder and mastering rig I suspect..cheers, Hop

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Great site and nice read. This is very similar to what Mark Levinson was doing in the 80's. He made about 25 or so modified Studer A 80 machines which came with a bunch of (I think it was 50) first generation tapes. Cost was 25,000, I would love to see and hear one of those today. I would go in halves with you on a charter membership but I am not really into their selection of music, at least so far.

How is that new RTR rig you got from the guy in Santa Rosa? When are you going to get in our tape exchange?


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Hey Travis! Thanks for the offer...hopefully the Tape Project machines won't cost as much!!!!

What's the current details for joining the tape exchange?

My RTR rigs seem to have multipled and I'm waiting on the return of a "slow-speed" PR99 from the Revox center to feel like I'm ready to go! The guy in Santa Rosa sold me a Teac 40-4 that I'm learning to drive with a mixer...


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