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Academy center channel on E-Bay....

Audible Nectar

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i hear you too mike ....

now will you really tell us how it looks and sounds before you bid the max price ... now that you know we're on the lookout as well. i'm just kidding. you're just in luck that it's so close to you. plus you're a good guy so you deserve it.

besides, right now I'm more interested in the cornwall that's about 2 hours drive from me. i've not decided on it yet since i have 2 pairs of chorus II's - what in the world am i going to do if i liked the cornwalls better?. Please ... somebody tell me that the chorus' are better than the cornwalls.

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He just gave me his number and I left a message. To be honest, as much as I would like to get one of these, it's just not that important at the moment. I really don't have the money with Christmas and all, and besides, I do have a center at the moment. If I didn't have one, I would probably persue it. If I can swing by and see it tomorrow, I will let you know how it looks...



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thanks mike ... you're right though. we need to watch our expenses since christmas is coming up. i remember this time last year ... my wife let me buy my first home theather system ... Klipsch Quintets. i've upgraded everything a few times since then. maybe time to chill out for a while.

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This brings up a little topic I've always wondered about. Can you guys believe some of the merchandise offered on eBay without pictures???!!! I mean come on. I see CARS on eBay without pics. Go buy a $50 digital camera for Christ's sake. I rarely if ever buy anything without a pic and I buy a lot of stuff from eBay.



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I had asked for pics on the Fortes, but he didn't have any. Made me concerned not to see them. But, someone got a good deal on the Academy. Besides, even if there are a few minor scratches, it will be up on the TV, so probably not too noticable.

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Hello everyone,

I was reading various posts on the forum and ventured over to the home theater section only to notice the Academy topic. Started reading and got the eerie feeling that it was just too familiar so I hit the eBay link to discover that I bought the speaker being discussed here. I had been looking for a decent Academy for a while and decided to go for this one, apparently from the other postings I got a fairly decent deal on it. I mailed out payment yesterday so hopefully I'll have it in a week or so.

I got this to go with my Cornwall II's due to my recent decision to move them from 2-channel to home theater duty. I'm currently using a Cerwin-Vega LS6C which matched up OK but not great so I can't wait to hear the system with the properly matched center. If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations on the Academy speaker I would be glad to hear them. Hope everyone has a nice holiday!


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