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RF-82 Excursion video


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What's making them move is a One (1) Hertz signal, as is 1 cycle per second. The woofer is clearly "making that sound" but it's a sound well below the threshold of human hearing. It's not a 1KH (kilohertz, as in 1,000 hertz) signal. That's what you call Real Low Bass.

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Is your video the one with Star Wars EP1 (pod race scene)playing? I dont think I saw the same video, since you referenced a 1k signal from the Denon.

There is another video that I saw. Do a search for Klipsch at youtube, and it is titled RF82. This one is with the pod scene from Star Wars, it looks as if he is bottoming out the woofers. CRAZY.

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I'd not recommend people go running frequencies less than say 15-20 hz through their loudspeakers. That 1 hz signal is so close to DC that there have to be some serious currents flowing through the voice coil just to get the excursion shown. Maybe the DC resistance of the drivers is closer to 8 ohms than I think, just scares the heck out of me to think of smoke coming out of the ports on the Klipsch speakers. Can't be good for the receiver either, but it might have a protection in place to protect from overcurrent. As I age, I'm getting more wary of such stunts, I've wrecked some of my own property in the past jumping into things that my gut said no on but I ignored it.

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