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Name the Band Part VI

Klipsched with Yamahas

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This band emerged on the scene back in the early 1970's w/a variety of artists............and the band originated in England. I have had the distinct pleasure of seeing this band on (3) different occasions, and NEVER a bad concert. The "LIVE" productions strongly mirror those studio recordings this band released, and if you have seen this band, you'll know what I'm talking about. Video to accompany the live performance on once occasion, and the (2) members of which I praise the most have first names of Roger and Rick. Roger departed the band, but Rick is the basically the founder and organizer of this bands material. They continued throughout the early 80's with other commercialized releases, but did not sustain their popularity. In fact, this band was recognized more in America and Canada, than in its native country.

This particular album is my favorite:


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Liked them until Breakfast in America.......Yuk....."Take a look at my girlfriend"...indeed.......yuk...so much for talent.......

Agreed....after "Crisis, What Crisis" circa 1975, their music took more of a commercial approach. Of course, with discord among members (as the case w/many bands) they just seemed to run out of steam.

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