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Is this a good idea?

Lex Kempo

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I you can see by my system specs ... i haven't the greatest of AVR.

BUT..... i have been doing some research and i have a plan on what im going to purchase next... well sorta :P

Here it is .... im thinking of doing the "Seperates" route ... My MAIN goal is to be ready for the future. So when FINALLY affordable HD/BD DVD's come out i can just switch out the Pre/Pro for a compatible one and have great sound because the Power Amp won't go out of style.

So...... i have an Amp lined up ... i was thinking the Outlaw Audio 7125 ... it's125 wpc @ 7.1 .... (how many WPC do you guys REALLY think this one put out when it's running 5.1 ?)

But i dont have a Pre/Pro ... id LOVE to use the AVR i already have as a Pre/Pro .... BUT it lacks 5.1 direct (or more) output.

So..... is a designated Pre/Pro NECESSARY? Because they look expensive!!! Or can i fill in the void with a cheaper AVR with 5.1 (or more) direct output? Does it necessarily have to be a high end Pre/pro? Or will it sound fine on a Marantz 4001/5001? EDIT: How would an HK AVR 245 act as a Pre/Pro?

Opinions? Recommendations Please!!!

PS. Im not sold on Outlaw Audio ... i saw their prices and i figured they were reasonnable. If any one else can recommend me a good brand im ALL ears!!! It's just hard to find prices and places that sell Power Amps... especially in Canada. (Anyone know of a place in MTL?)

Ebay and Audiogon dont always ship up here so those are kinda crossed off my list...

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From what I've read on here Outlaw has a great reputation and is recommended by nearly everyone who's had their gear.

You ask how many WPC is it really putting out in 5.1? Probably MORE than 125 watts as opposed to other manufacturer's inflated ratings.

Rotel is another brand to consider.

A preamp/amp system can cost more than a standalone receiver and many times takes more research to figure out which components work best with each other, but it does give you the best flexibility as far as easily upgrading your system without having to start over from scratch as is many times the case with a receiver-based system.

There are many sonic benefits of having a preamp/amp system as well.

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I agree, Outlaw has a very good reputation, my buddy loves his amp. 125 wpc should be more than enough depending on speakers, room size etc. Any decent HK,Yamaha, Denon,Pioneer AVR with pre-outs should do a fine job as a pre/pro, in fact that is what I am planning to do with my Yamaha Rx-V2500. One amp you may want to consider as well is Anthem, made in Mississauga, On., and very well regarded, many excellent reviews on the web are available. The MCA series, 20,30,50 are 2.3.5 channel amps rated at a true 200wpc. However, Rotel is also an excellent product.

Good luck and keep us informed!


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I saw an Outlaw Audio 950 pre/pro for $300 on ebay last night. Someone must be upgrading. I'm not familiar with this unit but you might call outlaw & ask if the software is upgradeable. Outlaw support is outstanding. Someone on the forum has a B&K 50 pre/pro for sale which would be good.

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No personal experience with Outlaw here (yet), but I'm yet to read a negative review anywhere.

As far as the pre/pro - yes, you can use a cheaper receiver as long as it has multichannel analog preouts. Going older and used is definitely the way to go because you can purchase what was previously a flagship product and take advantage of the quality preamp stage. For instance, I got my Denon AVR 3300 for $200 and I would pit the D/A against many of the more expensive options out there (that's so cliche, but I digress). As long as you don't need any of the bells and whistles, then you're all set.

I'm personally a big fan of the Denon AVR's mostly because of the pre/pro and D/A stages they use. Relatively speaking, most of the HK receivers tend towards the warmer side and Yamaha tends towards the brighter side. Denon is somewhere in the middle, more of a dry neutral sound. I would recommend going with one of these three brands. I must confess a bias against anything post 80's Marantz because all of their pro gear went to crap. Like all things audio, you should if at all possible let your own ears be the judge.

I just wanted to add that I think your proposed upgrade-path is a very good direction to go. Quality amplification is something that should never need to change and it seems the Outlaw products naturally mate well with Klipsch products.

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The more power the better. What do you listen to the most. I love music and movies so I have a 2 channel amp with 385wpc for the mains and 200wpc for the other 5 channels. All my amps are rotel and they sound great. If you like your music movies loud and powerful you need power. Even if you want great sound at normal levels then you need good high power. I would say 200 min.

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Personally, im a big time movie buff ... but i also like to crank up the music. Im thinking of seperates because i dont want to have to buy a new high end reciever once a new technology comes out. So by just changing the Pre/Pro, ill be able to enjoy new HD audio Codec's (and newer future ones) comming out without having to dish out big bucks to get them in a AVR WITH good power.

I figured 7.1 is enough to last a while (how much surround can we fricking NEED :P) And 125 WPC should give me better performance that the less than 75 i have now on my AVR.....

Thanks for the Canadian nod up there, ill check out those Mississauga amps, maybe it'll be cheaper on delivery and no mooney to convert!!!

So... hopefully a "Lower" end AVR be fine as a Pre/Pro...... im not made of money ... im young and blue-collared and enjoy's his Movies/Music :P

Personally, im thinking of the HK 245 ... but i guess used would be a better idea....
None of these upgrade are for the immediate future sadly (ive gotta collect my money and i still live in an appartment and will blow open the walls if i get new stuff now) but i appreciate all the input and opinions youse guys have throw this way!!!

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd.... i still have to figure out which SUB i wanna add also....... the RW8 just odesnt cut it! :P

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. One amp you may want to consider as well is Anthem, made in Mississauga, On., and very well regarded, many excellent reviews on the web are available. The MCA series, 20,30,50 are 2.3.5 channel amps rated at a true 200wpc.

WOW for the Anthem Audio tho.....their stuff looks nice ... and they have a dealer near my house in MTL.....thanks a bunch!!!

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