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RF-3 mods? need schematic.

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My RF-3s have been in storage for a while and im in need of a new project so i thought of doing some simple mods to them. Id like to add a brace or two to the cabinet and then maybe rebuild/relocate the xover outside the cabinet. Any other mods that can be done to these speakers?? I know there was someone who was doing mods to the Xover a while back when I used to hang around this forum. Thanks


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They are already braced, and with the MDF construction means they're already in good shape -- I wouldn't bother with it. Over doing the bracing on an already completed design has consequences too. Just replace the caps and leave everything else alone. Any addtional money is best set aside for a speaker upgrade.


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Received your message. It is however long time since I logged in to the klipsch forum.

DeanG already gave you the answer.

Here is a link how I rebuild it with intertechnik components:


For the bracing:


Happy tweaking.

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