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Mounting systems for RS52 and RS62.


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What mounting systems are folks using for these speakers?  I can't find any pictures of the rear of these speakers to know what to plan for.  I'm trying to decide between the two, and mounting might make a difference.  

Ideally, I would like a recessed fixture in the drywall, like an outlet, that would allow the speaker to be mounted flush with the wall.  I am also looking for a mount that would allow these to be similarly mounted to the angled ceiling of my bonus room.  Any help or suggestions appreciated.
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There are two threaded holes which must be used to bolt to a mounting plate if you're using a swivel adapter like OMNIMOUNT 20.0 STMP, You cannot hang the weight of these speakers on one of the threaded holes.

I think there is also a keyhole type mount for mounting flat to the wall. They are not intended to be mounted on anything other than a vertical surface.

RS speakers DO NOT have to be 'aimed' at you. They are to provide ambient, surround, that is their design.

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