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New ebay twist to get your password?


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Got my wifes Rolex on ebay. Just got an email "through" ebay, or so it looks.

It says

I think you should take action at what is being said about your listing:

Just thought I would give you a heads up

I've blanked out the last parts, in case they're in fact bogus (or real for that matter!)

Regardless, I put that into my browser and it took me to a sign in page for HIS name (evidently)

I immediately presumed it to be a scam since it wanted my log in and closed the browser. I must say though, I was VERY interested in "hearing what is being said" and the urge was strong to quickly log in.

What stopped me was the fact that I'm ALREAY logged into ebay and usually, my experience is when you are logged in, it will KNOW that and not make you log in again.


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Same thing happened to me with my recent La Scala sale. In my message though, the person said my pictures were being used in another auction and if I followed the link provided, I would be shown the "bogus" auction. Like you, the link asked for my username and password. Leary, I didn't type it in for the same reason you stated. Must be a new scam. . .


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i very rarely buy and have never sold anything on ebay, so i guess i'm a little inexperienced in these matters. what can a crook do with your ebay password? i'm not understanding why someone would want it.

1. Make fraudulent listings with your id in good standing, assuring trust from potential bidders.

2. Bid on items as a deadbeat bidder with no intention of following thru (this can include bidding on their own auctions to push the selling price higher)

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Yes to what TNRabbit said.

Also, here's what was going on for me I think.

I've got a whopping 21 transactions or so on ebay, rating is 100%. I'm selling the Rolex. If he can steal my password, he can hijack my account and move in with discussions on the final winner and give them HIS address to send their money to. They of course will think they're sending the money to ME who happens to in fact have the watch. They send money to HIM and never hear from "me" (him) again. He's got their cash free & clear.

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I should add... later in the day I DID get a notification from ebay that this idiot was doing an unauthorized communication or something like that. (basically they were trying to scam me). they suggested that if I send him anything (money or asset) that I either NOT do it or try to undo it.

As I simply sent him an email back (telling him to get lost), there was no harm done to me.

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"As I simply sent him an email back (telling him to get lost), there was no harm done to me."

Well, maybe not.  But by answering him, you at least gave him a valid email address to share with or sell to his scamming buddys.

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Ya know Coytee, I had my eBay account hijacked once.

I was selling cars, trailers, boats, stuff I would never have dreamed of owning ever. I got wind of it when I opened up my account and had a message from a buyer who wanted to know how I was going to ship the boat. "WTF" were my exact words.

Then my account when on lock down, then three more hours of talking with eBay about correcting everything, changing multiple passwords from eBay to PayPal to all attached e-mail accounts who shared the same password, it was a nightmare.

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