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Just wanted to say thank you all !


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You guy's are nuts, I laugh every time I read on this forum !

I feel much better, to the point of I am bored. I listen to music, watch TV, walk outside, fish in our pond, I am getting desperate, I may have to go straighten out my workshop, that is how bored I am. [:o] They wouldn't let me even cook last night, and I love to cook.

I don't know about you but when I can't work or much of anything else I tend to eat everything in the house !

I feel great though, thanks .

My sister who thinks my wife and I are nuts with all this speaker stuff sat down the other night and read the 9 pages of people wishing us well and was shocked that a group of audio nuts would actually care , she was also laughing alot at some of the replies , but still thinks were nuts.[Y]

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OK OB, I won't do it , I really didn't want to. I will go take a walk and then listen to some more music.

My daughter came over with my 8 month granddaughter yesterday and I picked her up and they all screamed at me at the same time. It's hard to remember to not pick up anything.

But they are right, the plan is to heal completely so the old horse can be put back into full service before he becomes permanently useless and has to be shot, makes sense.

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Dtel... were all part of the disfunctional family too! But it works!!

I feel comfortable here because I know about dysfunctional family's, ask Michael he was here for a week, I never claimed to be normal !

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Stay out of that workshop, you'll end up moving stuff around and hurt yourself, stubborn old fart. I should've followed my own advice, but I didn't,. My real name is Oldbuckster Hardway................snicker,snicker.............

OB I sound like a broken record, well a scratched record. I keep telling him he will be sorry, hoping he will listen. He tried to bring wood in for the woodburning stove, load the wood into the stove, take the garbage out, hold the granddaughter, drag the suitcases inside, and on and on... Then he said, well I can get on the tractor, put the trash bags in the bucket and bring it to the burn pile!!!!! I finally asked what part of taking it easy didn't he get.

He doesn't fully realize the consequences of not taking it easy....

Meanwhile, I really want to thank all of you for love, support and laughs during this trying time. You guys have made it a lot easier for us to get through this ordeal. You all are truly part of our family, whether you like it or not. Michael, Mac and Paul thank you for the telephone calls and the reassurance that we were on the right track. The phone calls I received while in the surgery waiting room made the time go by quicker. Three hours is a long time when you are waiting for someone you love to "wake up". It was undoubtedly one of the hardest things I have ever encountered. Thanks for all the emails offering well wishes and a speedy recovery.

Thank you to our family here. My daughter Jamie and her husband Johnny were angels in disguise. Jamie constantly reassured me that everything was going to be okay and Johnny who recently because Buddy's stepdad, stepped up to the plate and scored a home run. Buddy has a tremendous amount of love and respect for Johnny and that eased my mind, knowing Buddy was being taken care of. Alicia and Joni were as always the pillars of confidence and filled in the gaps to reassure me that Elden would be okay. I can't thank all of you enough. Our other two daughters kept in contact to offer thier love and support even though they were miles away. Thanks to all of you.

OB, I can't close without saying thank you for encouraging dtel to not overdo it.

For all of you with a medical background that have offered advice and reassurances thank you too.

I also have a word of advice for those of you that may have to go through something like this. Make sure your wife takes the time to care of herself, so she can take care of you. In the wake of this ordeal I have found myself with an extreme case of upper respiratory infection...contracted while dtel was in the hospital. I am on the road to feeling better, but it is very difficult to take care of someone you love and give them all the attention they deserve while you are struggling to take care of yourself.

We can't wait to see all of you again soon and we hope those of you that couldn't make it to Hope last year will make it to Indy this year.

Thanks again.

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Dtel, Ms. Dtel and Daughter Dtel - We were quite entertained while worrying about friend Dtel (not that I was too terribly enamored with the medical specifics that made me a bit uncomfortable - although one of my voices claims to be a doctor, but I think he picked up his degree somewhere in the Caribbean). You folks are one heck of a nice bunch and clearly a close family. Nothing but admiration, concern and giggles from this old man.

Dtel - listen to the missus. She seems to have her noggin well aligned. If she tells you to plunk your butt on the couch and listen to Barry Manilow you best well do it - I am sure she has only your best interest at heart.

I am so glad all is on the road to well.

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She seems to have her noggin well aligned. If she tells you to plunk your butt on the couch and listen to Barry Manilow you best well do it

Umm, no disrespect intended.....but is her head really aligned if she makes Dtel listen to Barry Manilow? Barry White, OK. Manilow?...I think there is some sort of payback going on if this where to happen.

Dtel....listen carfully....I will speak in code...Eavelay ightray onwnay..Aketay ehtay irstfay aintray outry ofray owntay....

Obviously aliens have replaced your family and you must find them right now! If the Yanni comes out, GET OUT!!!!

I'll put you up in Virginia until you have time to sort out this awful turn of events.

Of course I did not read if Christie actually did ask you to listen to Manilow, if she didn't,but asked you to just sit down then shut up and park you A$$ on the couch......

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I think they have Dtel...His title should have been I just wanted to thank Ya'll, NOT I just wanted to thank you all!!!!

I am from Louisiana not Mississippi, OK that's not any better , need to find another excuse for " you all ", I would normally say Ya'll.

When I type I try to not use some of the words I would if we were talking in person, I try to take some of the accent out. My wife looks at some of the things I type and she just shakes her head, then I know it's time to make some changes.

No she never wanted me to listen to Barry Manilow, she knows better. We like the same type of music except she can't stand Pink Floyd ? She don't know why but she can't be in the same room when it's playing, just something about it ?

NO I haven't been taken over by aliens, unless the ones in the white nurse uniforms last week count ? [;)]

Those aliens in nurse uniforms had me seeing strange things , the gave me so many serious drugs I felt like " ROCK STAR " like Michael would say.

On the last day in the hospital I was asking the nurse please do I have to take that I would rather the pain, she made me take them. They sent me home with 40 Lortab pain pills. I used about 6 over the next 4 nights just to sleep, the rest can stay in the bottle for all I care.

Although what ever they gave me a injection of was not bad, felt great for the first 20 minutes, then I don't remember what happened.

Maby it was aliens because when I woke up the next day it really did feel like I had been proded in places that did not feel normal ?

It's kind of hard to be modest when they knock you out, then you wake up and are sore, and shaved, in places I had to be knocked out to feel comfortable to allow this.[:o]

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It's kind of hard to be modest when they knock you out, then you wake up and are sore, and shaved, in places I had to be knocked out to feel comfortable to allow this.

Now you know what a guy in the porn star business goes through....LOL. Watch it, if your shaved on your arse.... ingrown hairs are a pain..LOL

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