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RF-7 , RF-83 or RF-63


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Jay481985, if you don't mind, could you tell me where you found that deal for RF-7? Is that A stock or B stock? For that kind of deal, I would buy another pair of RF-7 to build a second system upstairs. Is this ok for me to ask?
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uhh its basically open box, demo that the dealer had it was in pretty good condition and had not visable damage to the enclosure nor speakers. If you want them I live in NJ. I could hold them. I would buy them and sell at cost... Just the catch is I will listen to them.

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... However, I just added a 200wpc x5 amp a week ago and the improvement in fidelity and overall sound especially the mids and bass control is staggering.....

Was that a Sunfire amp?

TNR, hi there. I got the Emotiva MPS1 amp.

I didn't realized anyone else made a 200x5 amp. I just got a 400x7 Sunfire Signature amp; it KICKS @$$!

Can you say THREAD HIJACK?!?

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Regarding Sunfire (Cinema Grand) vs RF-83, I learned the hard way that these amps must be properly ventilated or they can overheat and fail. When I inadvertently left the amplifier on in a closed cabinet overnight, with no signal, it got hot. Then, when I put a signal through it, I heard some very disturbing sounds emanating from the left RF-83. Shortly thereafter, billows of acrid grey smoke spewed from the rear vents at the bottom of the speaker (a lot).

The horn and all three woofers had been fried. The woofer voice coils had melted to slag, so the cones were frozen solid n their baffles. Apparently, an outpu transistor for the left side went on the fritz. Of note, the Klipsch crossover appears unscathed.


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