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Check out this old Khorn on ebay!


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look at the bracket holding the back of the horn up and the 3/4 space between the crossover enclosure and the edge of the bass bin. It appears as though this might have had a horn cabinet on it at one time.

interesting find to be sure. The providence tells a great story as well.


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Major Edwin James Armstrong would be proud..

The Inventor of FM Was a Little Nuts


Edwin Armstrong Inventor of FM Radio

The man who invented FM Radio, Edwin Armstrong (18901954), had bizarre habits and lived a life that ended tragically.

Armstrong loved radio towers and was prone to climbing them. He once even climbed to the top of the 450-foot RCA radio tower on top of the RCA Building in New York City and stood on the very top - absolutely infuriating the head of RCA at the time, David Sarnoff.

Armstrong who invented FM in 1933, committed suicide in 1954 by walking out of a high-rise building's window and falling to his death.

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Dam you go away sking for a week and look what shows up on ebay!!

I have been looking for a 47 khorn for a long long time.

It would be a crime to change anything with this rare speaker.

I would just clean and wax it, one can always restore it but one can never unrestore .

I bet it sounds stock pretty dam good and would be nice to compare to later ones.

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