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Can't kick the klipsch hobby....A good thing


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Been a long time since last visiting the forum since moving and selling my beloved KLF-20s, C-7, KSP-S6s' (Klipschless for over a year). I've tried to satisfy my audio cravings with "cheaper" systems, all which have been returned within 30 days. So now I have the opportunity to purchase a couple pairs of new rb-35s at 300.00 a pair. I could get a pair of paradigm studio 20 v.3 for 499.00 and although I thoroughly enjoy how color free, transparent, and just down right accurate they are, there's just something about klipsch as a whole I just can't kick. So, I'm on the verge of jumping back into the dynamics of klipsch.....but before I do, are there any other klipsch speakers around 300.00 you may recommend? I've done a few post searches, but like I said, I've been out of the loop for about a year. Thanks, and its good to see the forum is still boomin'


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Hi,Well i bought RB35s for my son last fall i was very impressed when i tested them out with my HK430.I would say go with the 35s for that price they are 600 a pair speakers.I worked them out pretty good and wow,,,,my son came home when i was cranking them and he thought i had K-Horns on..lol.Can you get me a pair for that price?Rick

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Thanks, it good to be back. Went back to the dealer to pick up the 35s but they were gone, so the wife asked about the paradigm studios 20 v.3 and adp-470 v.3 and ended up working out such an amazing deal I could not pass it up. A LOT of items I no longer possesed but needed were included at rock bottom/way below even the cheapest ebay price (i.e. denon 2805, speaker stands, etc). So indyklipschfan, as you mentioned, it looks like the klipsch will be re-routed to a 2 channel rig. I'm still kickin' myself in the behind for not trading the ksf-10.5 I used to own for a pair of heresys (I just started the hobby when the offer was made and I didn't realize the weight my ignorance carried). I wasn't until, get this, chuck-e-cheese's that I found out how good heresys sounded. Yup, chuck-e-cheese's in Fort Collins, Clolorado used a bout 6 heresys for the stage music charactors. Wuzzer, its funny you mentioned heresy or forte since those are the only two heritage I've ever heard. Actually a Lt Colonel whom I bought a car from when I was in the service had a pair of forte speakers with some sort of scott tube amp.......what I heard/felt could be described as smooth and full, quite different than the legends with the H/K HT reciever. Klipsch.....it doesn't matter how many other brands you may filter in and out of you home, you will always find a place for them. In this case....2-channel.

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