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Garage/Yard sale season starts


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Guest Anonymous

Here in Arizona there are yard sales year around if you're a yard sale junkie then you've got it made. I'm still looking for that mint pair of cornwalls.

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Well unfortunately we have a 7-8 month window of opportunity in these neck of the woods. It's how i get my weekly exercise. Yeh sometimes my wife will go and scout out some of the sales when its real busy, she knows what to look for......anything with buttons and switches with a power cord hanging out the back and........ANYTHING with KLIPSCH written on it.

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I am here in Michigan and I can't wait for garage sale season.

Over the last couple of years I have scored 3 different 70's vintage Marantz receivers, a 80's Denon Integrated, and a pair of Polk 5jr monitors.

My best find, as far as turn around in price goes, was a vintage Nikkomat (The japanese model--US model was called the Nikkormat) SLR Camera with a full complement of minty and fast Nikkor Manual focus lenses. Paid $25 bucks for the lot. Turned it into $750 on ebay selling it piece by piece.

Yeah, I can't wait...its like a second job for me all summer long.

Bring it on!

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I'm going to try and hit up some garage sales here this year. Some of the small towns around where I live have a city-wide garage sale event one weekend a year. Problem is I don't know exactly what to look for as far as electronics but it will be fun any way!

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