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Roc's Music Room Pictures - Part One

Roc Rinaldi

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.....that's enough pictures for now.

Yes, the TV does look kinda small. My next phase is to obtain more forte IIs and as soon as prices drop, get a 65" - 70" TV so that the picture is sized appropriately for the sound system.

I know that others have even more impressive systems. I just wanted to share this with you since this forum has been a tremendous help in preparing my plan.

Oh, BTW, here are my specs. My plan is to use the specs. as part of the tour I have developed for my friends and family. Each visitor will receive a sample of the speaker wire that I used, literature on the power and speakers and, of course, ear plugs in case my demo is too loud for some.

ROC & JANETS<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />



---If you can see & hear at all, you will notice the difference !---

OObjective 1 : Pristine High Definition 40 inch video

· Super High Definition video screen 1080p (highest screen resolution available)

· Over 2,000,000 pixels

OObjective 2 : Superb High Fidelity sound for any music, from any source, at any volume, at any location

in in the room

· 3,900 WATT system

· Seven channels of High Fidelity sound

· 6.1 Surround sound

· 19 speakers in seven floor standing cabinets

· Each full range floor standing speaker weighs 67 pounds

· Sub-woofer weights 130 pounds

· Total speaker weight is 478 pounds

· Amplifier weights 83 pounds

· Capable of delivering 115+ decibels of sound pressure at any point in the room

· 1400 watt main amplifier with 200 watts per channel

· 2,500 watt sub-woofer

· 3 - 15 ampere 110 volt dedicated electric circuits

· One circuit entirely dedicated to the main amplifier

· One circuit entirely dedicated to the sub-woofer

· Over 250 feet of 12 guage speaker wire

A good dose of blood, sweat, and tears

.....This is not your grandfathers stereo system.

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Lookin' good Roc! I love the color of the walnut Fortes! I wish my room was as wide as that! Your room looks to be about twice as wide as mine.

Very cozy accutrements as well. I would spend a lot of time in that room.

Thank you so much Mark.

I only wish that you all could hear the sound. Six Klipsch create a very BIG sound. I've hit about 110 db so far from my listening seat.

Yes, my JL Audio f113 can and does blow out candles placed in front of the subwoofer!!

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Hi there Roc, I must say congats on an outstanding sound system, those Macs are to die for! Would love to have a listen to that setup in full song, you must be very happy.

Regards, Chris

Thank you Chris for your comments. I cannot believe how loud it plays. The volume goes from 0 to 99 and I cannot, cannot get it higher than 75. Everything in the house is rockin' at volume 75. Walls, pictures, knik knaks, windows, teeth....

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Roc-that is a nice looking setup! The new MAC amp looks pretty sweet too, I must say. Congrats on that new amp-I would like to read a review when you have some time...

Hi dkp,

Thank you for your comments.

Since I was a teenager I always dreamed of having Klipsch speakers and McIntosh power in my system. Well, I was 43 years old before I got my first pair of Klipsch KG-4s. I loved them so much that 9 months later I bought a pair of forte IIs. About three years ago, when I was 57 I got my first McIntosh amp., a stereo unit. Well I traded that in for what I have now which is a 7 channel amp. plus an A/V Controller. Since both of my MAC amps. produced 200 wpc and because I added more forte IIs, the sound really hasn't changed and in fact is quite a familiar sound. What has changed is that I now fill the room up with a bigger, larger sound and oh yes, it is definitely louder although it was quite loud before.

Since I knew the sound of my speakers and liked it, and stayed with McIntosh power I was at minimum risk of winding up with a new sound that maybe I wouldn't like. It was a safe change for me.

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