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Dean's RF 7 Crossover Upgrade


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I live in Butler Pa. I am going to have Dean do the crossovers very soon, right after I set up a Velodyne DD 12 in the system and listen a bit. Too many people have raved about it for me to not do it. It's $290 with free shipping back. Hell the parts cost $200.

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DeanG kindly posted this parts list.

Can anybody tell me please which model (quality level) of the Solen and Jantzen Caps is the right one?

As far as I understand the Kimber Caps are only availiable in one quality.

Some recommendations where to buy the parts, gentlemen?

Thanks and kind regards

Stefan, Berlin

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Can anybody tell me please which series of the Solen and Jantzen Caps should be used?

The Jantzen Series are

- Cross Cap

- Z-Standard

- Z-Superior

- Z-Silver

It seems to me that only the "cheap" Cross Cap is availiable in the requested 18 uF. Should it be that the Jantzen Cap must be much cheaper than the Kimbers?

For the Solen Caps in 15 uF I only find a series called Metallized Polypropylene. Is this the correct one?

Would jump happily cross wise in my flat for serious answers.



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