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Can I properly use a sub woofer with my Pre amp


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I have an Audio Research SP 11. For MAIN OUTPUT CONNECTIONS it Says "There are two (2) sets of output connectors which are connected internally in parallel. One set should be connected to your electronic crossover or power amplifier. The additional set is provided for connection to an additionalamplifier for remote or "background", use, or for "bi-wire" amp systems ( where separate power amplifiers are used for base and trebel, but no electronic crossover is used) Being a total neophite and reading some posts here I don't know If I could set up a sub with this pre amp. I am listening stictly 2 channel with RF 7s. See my other posted querry "Do I need a sub and which one"?.

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So I ordered a DD 12 and will connect a left and right interconnect cable from my second set of main output outlets to the sub { I'll call this main out TWO}. Thanks EAR. The DD 12 manual also says in addition to this, Establish the line-level connection [optional] Connecting to a pre amps main outputs and returning them to your amplifier inputs {that would be my Rotel}. {This is what I have had all along from main out ONE} The manual further says " When installed in this fashion, your satellite speakers {thats my 2 RF 7's} will be crossed over at 80Hz, which removes the lower bass from your amplifier { Rotel} and speakers, enableing them to do a better job reproducing high freq. By using this method, you will have a bi-amped system, gaining improved power and headroom for your system. DO I HAVE THIS RIGHT?

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RF7s can reproduce bass down to 40hz with almost no attenuation. If you have a real deal power amp capable of driving the RF7ès properly I would leave them on LARGE or not cut the deeper bass out(for two channel listening).The punch they deliver is world class.

Yes you can try routing the main PRE OUT to the sub LINE INs and from the LINE OUTs on the sub go to your amp.This way the first PRE OUT will control the sub and the amp level.This providing thisis still a two channel system.The RF7s will be free from the strain of deep bass(not they strain much,only below 30Hz they do at high SPL).

Try both and keep the conection giving the best result to your ears.

When conecting the first way,from PRE OUT 1 to amp and PRE OUT 2 to sub cut the sub around 30Hz or so.If using method number two,the sub should be cut at 80Hz.Also run the built in SMS to flatten the response in room(of your sub)and see what you prefer,the flattest may or may not be to your liking.

What sounds bet to you keep it.

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Thanks EAR. In the second approach where the sub is crossed at 80 Hz, The line outs on the sub go to the Power amp not the pre amp--- correct? I see a possible drawback in approach two if the sub cables need to be long to get to the best position. You have 4 long cables. In approach 1 you only have 2 long cables.

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