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k-horn vs. rf-83


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Now I know from common sense the k-horn does have better sound. But, with the Rf-83 being rated at 250 rms and 1000 peak, and the k-horn at 100rms and 400peak but with more sensitivity which one is actually the bigger badder speaker in the sure volume of sound competion. Which one has more capability to make you go deaf quicker before melting and shredding its cones?

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Having only heard the RF-83 I would say that both would do a number on your eardrums in a short period of time. Max spl on the Khorn is 121dB according to Klipsch, not sure about the RF-83 but I would think its probably about the same.

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According to the Klipsch website the RF 83 is 100db and the KHorn is 105 db. If you are talking just how loud each one can go I would bet on the KHorn.

Not talking about which one will sound better cause that is a personal opinion just which one can play louder.

I have La Scalas and my best friend use to dj with some La Scalas and we would go to High School gyms and just fill it up with sound with a 100 watt amp.

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