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ot - what's your fave notes or letters from PWK?


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Thanks for posting those. I had, and may still have, a letter or two from Paul on the beautiful stationary featuring copper bands embossed in the top.

About the T-S letter, this was written, I am pretty certain, just before Don Keele introduced T-S to Paul and two years before Keele's 1977 AES paper,

"Low Frequency Horn Design Using Theiele-Small Parameters"

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Interesting how PWK alludes that building a bass horn larger than the Khorn's for home use would only benefit power handling capability and deafening rock and roll headbangers. He made it sound like he wasn't interested in doing it.

I guess he changed his mind on that one later on.

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re: PWK's remarks on TS - couldn't figure out if he was joking or implying an incompleteness of that conversion vs real worldspeakers.  

Although PWK had some years accumulated by 1985 his work and wit always seemed very sharp.

 Is K33E now out of bounds for commonly available simulators such as Hornresp, MJK's worksheets and AJ-horn?  Where do modern similators and TS begin to fall apart vs reality?  What might be improved in future modeling?

FWIW here's a sim of one K33E spec (fs 34.46, qes=0.41)  vs 2035H and 2220H with a midbass about like Edgar's old system 100


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I think PWK was right, the measured K33(x) T/S parameters put it outside of the accepted workable horn formulas, so I would agree that it cannot be accurately modelled by most horn programs that I know of. It remains a matter for empirical testing. The Keele formulas, for instance, would predict the optimum efficiency of the K33E at a throat size (St) of 115 sq. in. and a Vb of rather large volume at 9343 cu.in. Not practical, in other words. This all changes when under pressure as in the Khorn and equivalents.

I think that he's used to dealing with John Q. Public on the whole, so what he says may be watered-down quite a bit (for public consumption, as it were), but the gist of what he said is entirely correct IMO.


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