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Happy Birthday Dr. Who


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That's the frequency response at the listening position. Ideally it would be flat like that little blue line running horizontally through the middle. Apart from the wierd dips from 150Hz to 400Hz, it's basically +-5dB from 55Hz to 10kHz. Similar performance to the Heresy actually [:o] What you don't see is all the distortion that makes it not sound as good.

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Happy Birthday Dr. Who [<:o)]

Have fun, and don't listen to those Bose for too long today!


P.S. - I can remember my 23rd b-day. I was in my last semester of engineering school before moving on to the real world. Enjoy this time of your life. It blows by really fast! Next thing you know you're 47 with a wife, kids, house, boat, bunches of Klipsch speakers......Hey, come to think of it, this a pretty great time of life too! [:D]

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Happy Birthday Doc:

Thanks for all the advice and help you've given me this year, for your contributions to the forum, and mostly your enthusiasm.  I want to be just like you when I grow up.  Hey wait - I AM grown up.  Musta missed the mark somewhere along the way :\

Anyway, Happy Birthday.  If you're ever through Nashville give me a holler.  Beer's on me.
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Happy Birthday! Mike

Have you hinted to Roy what you would like for your Birthday?[;)]

mike tn

Mike TN, you had best hope that its a Jubilee!

Otherwise everyone may be in line for a "contributing to the delinquency" and any number of assorted vice charges! [:P][;)][:$][:|][:P]

Happy Birthday Mike!!!!!!

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