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2 Channel Audio as HT


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The "main" part of my system is a McIntosh MA6100 integrated amp, driving Klipsch Synergy Series SB-3's. The amp is from the 70's and has provided me many years of listening pleasure. Without going into the full evolution of my system, the speakers were purchased last summer for audio listening. Several months ago, I replaced my Adcom CD player (circa 1985) with a Marantz DV4200, connected to a 32" basic Sony TV. This became my HT and was quite enjoyable. However, there were scenes in movies where the bass was lacking. While shopping for a sub woofer, I was told twice by different salespeople at Sound Advice (where I looked at a Klipsch sub) that I should replace my amp (keep in mind that I was looking at subs!). I ended up buying a Definitive Technology ProSub 80. The sound I get from both music and movies with this system is clearly better than anything that I had before, but I am using 2 channels. While I know that I am not getting all the benefit of a 5 or 6 channel system. I think that a 2 channel HT system still works. Anyone else out there with a 2 channel HT that they enjoy? Some of the other posts talk about the THX opening screens and how great they sound...well it sounds pretty good even when it just goes from one side to the next.

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I am still stuck in the 2 channel mode for mvoies but do not miss the gee-whiz effects going past me, a great sub is far more important to movies than rear or side channels IMO, the day that SACD or DVD-A is declared six channel format champ is the day that I will switch over (BTW I am accumulating the peices as I go)


Cornwall 1s & Klispch subs; lights out & tubes glowing!

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Norty---I used to use a DD rig with 5 horn-loaded Altec and JBL motion picture theater speakers, the rig would have handled a 400 seat theater. Then I got bored with the whole schmear, it's a bombastic gimmick like 3D in the 50s (Bwahna Devil anyone?) now often as not I listen to LDs and DVDs just stereo with my tubes and VOTs or even through the TV speakers. With your current rig you're getting the sound with good clarity and low distortion, that's all you need. Hell, a mono rig with a tube amp and a VOT (or a Klipsch Heritage)is gonna sound better than 99% of the surround rigs out there. Besides, the best movies were mono anyway--Citizen Kane, The Searchers, Wizard of Oz, The Sea Hawk, All About Eve, GWTW, White Heat, Man who Shot Liberty Valance, Angels with Dirty Faces, Sunset Boulevard. As Norma Desmond would have said they didn't need surround sound then, they had faces (and writers, directors and actors).

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I'd have to agree with Colin and Tom,I myself am not a true Home Theater person but just my Cornwalls are enough to keep me happy.

I have a friend with a all Klipsch Home Theater setup and while its definately better suited for home theater than my 2 channel setup it doesn't come close to rivaling mine in the music department-just doesn't make you feel as thought your actually there.

As he and I also discussed before I think movie producers are spending too much $$ on worring about huge explosives and surround effects and too little time on a plot and a decent story line!

I hear it all the time from my movie buff friends-did you see so-and-so movie,the special effects were awesome but the plot was thin. I loved watching Saving Private Ryan but it wasn't for the sounds of the bullets flying by my head in the opening scene-it was for the the story-to actually make me think about what happened to these men during that time.I don't need a surround sound system to tell me that.


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Only a month ago I was there - 2 channel setup for movies and music. Then I got the new Sony NS900 SACD which supports multi-channel. What I wanted was 2 channel quality with multi-channel functionality.

As I run both tubes and SS amps (for different types of music) I have adapted the setup to use the player as the decoder for front rear split. I dont run a centre channel at all (staging allows me to get away with it) and I run the sub of the main speakers.

My tubes run the fronts (and the sub) and my Accuphase runs the rears.

I have written at length about this setup elsewhere on this board and others (mainly because I am so proud of what I managed to setup - a real feeling of trail blazing).

The net result of all this is a system that is comparible in movie playback to decent surround sound setups but blows them out of the water when it comes to music.

Once you hear surround sound SACD like this it is almost impossible to listen to anything else!


2 * Heresy 2 (mains)

2 * Homemade horn speakers (rears)

1 * REL Strata 3 sub

Accuphase E211 amp.

Tube monoblocks with separate pre-amp (solid state).

Marantz CD6000 player

Sony NS900 SACD/DVD player

Stax Headphones

Humax 5400 digital satellite receiver

Sharp Video

32" Sony flat screen 16:9 TV

Mogami interconnects

Silver Synergistic speaker cable

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I myself today split up my systems, i caint afford to run the whole wall in the winter!

The outlaw, and the harman kardon, are both run off the same harman kardon CD player, the harman kardon reciever, is on the analog, while the outlaw in on the coax, out of the same unit!

If i want to run all 4 cornwalls, i can just run both systms at the same time, on the same CD!

Ive always done this to save a little money, as i need to get caught up a bit!

I have the DVD hooked directly up to the TV, and with the new baby coming in Febuary, i dont think i was thinking quite clearly!

Ill have to keep it down, for a year, before i get the baby to sleep at night!

Ive decided to collect the gear to complete he 6.1, in time, I need to slow down!

You know, i really dont miss the H/t to much, ive always loved 2 channel stereo, for music, thats why i own 800+ CDS!

Also, im ganna re arrange the living conditions here with 2 new rooms, so ill have to split this up, where i can fit it in time!

I spent $1,200.00 on DVDS, not counting the outlaw, or harman in 3 months!

All together its $2,100.00, in 3 months!

Ive come to reality, thats a lot for TV!

This academy sure looks good, im keeping what i have, and stil have the 5.1 here, its just split up.


Outlaw 1050

Cornwall 1s

harman kardon cd player

Optimus VCR


Harman Kardon AVR 120

Cornwall 1s

Harman Kardon cd player,

I love audio, always have,

Long live Klipsch

Regards Jim

This message has been edited by Jim Cornell on 12-16-2001 at 11:57 AM

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PPS - Jim, use the EDIT feature at the bottom of your post to correct errors either in spelling, grammar, or content, etc. No need to fire up a whole nother post to apologize when you can correct said errors within same post in about 20 seconds.

This place would be a mess without that edit feature. Too bad we cant delete altogether as well.

PPPS - What's with the family finances aspect, Jim? You feeling a bit guilty as of late? I hope you dont start a trend of "My Lovely Budget" links in the Signature.


PPPPS - Nice points, JCturboT and Tom... I agree.

This message has been edited by mobile homeless on 12-16-2001 at 08:08 AM

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Hi, I actually came at this hobby from the opposite direction than many. When I first heard a surround sound setup 14 years ago, I knew I had to have it.

Over the years my system has progressed from a basic noisemaker to a reasonable setup.

Currently using 3 KT-LCR THX speakers for center and rears, and LaScala for mains. Klipsch THX kt-sw15 subwoofer for the Low Frequency Effects.

What I have discovered is that it is often easier to get a reasonable soundstage for movies out of 5 speakers. Only recently when I upgraded to La Scala's, and learned how to properly place them in the room, have I had the option of listening to my concert DVD's in 2 channel mode to compare with the 5.1 digital mix.

It is amazing to listen to music or movies, and wonder whether you have all 5 speakers on, or are only using the main 2. Unfortunately the 2 channel soundstage and imaging is hard to achieve,(*Not really a cost issue, moreso speaker placement and room treatment) and most people revert to the 5 speaker option.

Enjoy what you have.


Gear: Klipsch La Scala ;THX home cinema: KT-LCR, KT-SW15

Onkyo Integra DTR-7 THX

Panasonic RP91 DVD

NAD 7140 Stereo receiver powering LaScalas

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