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Good (Tube?) Amp for RF-7 w/ Tube Pre-Amp


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I'm building a home theatre out of primarily Reference 7 speakers. I've already got the RF-7 mains and RC-7 center. I'll be adding surround and sub later.

The reason I'm posting this in the 2-channel forum is that I've also found a really nice tube pre-amp that I'm looking at for 2 channel listening, and I wanted to get some recommendations on a power amp(s) for the RF-7s when used in 2 channel mode. Sure, I can use the same amp as my home theater for now, but I'll probably end up getting a complete separate 2 channel setup in addition to the HT setup, so I wanted some ideas on what to look for.

Since the pre-amp is tube, should I make sure to go with a tube amp? How about amps like the Scott 299D? I've heard good things about them, but can they drive the low impedance dips on the RF-7? And can they be used with a separate pre-amp?

Any suggestions are welcome. [:)]

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Oh boy, do a search here on the forum as there is quite a lot of information you may be interested in reading about then if you have a really specific question lots of guys are full of answers. I look forward to trying a tube preamp with my qsc amp some day.

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Yeah, I've read quite a bit and there's lots of good info. I've got some great ideas for how to do my home theatre. I posted this because I'm specificially looking for amp ideas to go with a tube preamp. I'd hate to invest in a good tube preamp and waste it by using an amp that wasn't up to the task.

I've read the RF7s need LOTS of power to really come alive - 200 W, 300 or even more. But for tube amps, I'd be lucky to get 40W-50Wpc. Would it be enough given the impedance dip?

If I don't get the preamp I'm looking at, I'll probably go with a Scott integrated amp later. I really want to try out some tube equipment without breaking the bank.

My new Klipsch speakers have reminded me how much I love good sound. It's got me excited to try new stuff, but I want to make sure I don't spend foolishly. [:P]

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I have RF 7's for 2 channel and an audio research SP 11 tube pre amp [original cost $5000] I have both the above SS power amps. The Rotel is 200w and the Nad 150w/channel They both sound REALLY great. I can't tell the difference between the two. The NAD is new. Played about a month. The Rotel is like new in that it has been Factory Refurbished about 2 weeks ago. I'm looking to sell one of them. They both seem to be selling on e-bay at about $500. Nad list is $799 and Rotel 990 $1000 but the Rotel is over 15 years old. If you can find a good price on a Rotel 1080, which replaced the 990, it should be considered. List 1080 $1000. Also 200w.

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As I much as I love my flea-powered tube Bottlehead 2A3 Paramour amplifiers with my classic Klipsch corner Khorns, your RF-7 dip below 3-ohms in the bass frequencies means that a good digital, very good solid-state or a great tube amp is needed to hear their full potential. I know I heard Klipsch RF-7 towers, before and after Dean upgraded their crossovers, on tube amplifiers at DaddyDees get together in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Arkansas a few years back.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

My first choice would be the low cost digital class T amplifiers, which can be had for as little as $35, like the Sonic Impact 5066, the Trends Audio or the Red Wine Audio Clari-T.

Next, I would for solid-state receivers that sound good with super-sensitive (95dB/w/m) Reference models, like dirt-cheap vintage dual transformer harmon/kardon 430 -930 models ($50 to 175) and the more expensive, but wonderfully revered, McIntosh receivers.

It can also be done with refurbished vintage integrated tube amplifiers, if you dial your powerful subwoofer to add a little more mid-bass to the bottom. NOSvalves does a great job with these. I heard the copper-faced Cayin TA30 integrated EL34 tube amplifier (less than a grand) do a wonderful job with RF7s and Khorns at Daddydees. The Cayin A-50T is also very good.

ASL makes great integrated tube amplifiers for less than a grand. The AQ 1003 DT is far more power than my ultra-sensitive (104dB/w/m) big ole horns need, but it should be plenty for Reference models.

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For what it's worth, I think you're on the right track by looking for a separate amplifier to drive your RF-7s. In my experience, this is something you will not regret. I started with a Yamaha HTR-5560, moved up to a B&K AVR 307 and then seperates. With each step up the bass became more pronounced and the highs were much cleaner.

I just purchased a B&K Reference 7270 amplifier which will alleviate my need for at least two of my current amps. As soon as I get the new amp and make sure it's working properly, I will start a thread offering those amps for sale here on the forum before taking them to Audiogon/Ebay. I have the following amps, although I will be keeping one, perhaps two of them for other needs:

1) B&K Reference 200.2

2) B&K Reference ST125.2

3) Parasound HCA-1000A

4) Aragon 2004

EDIT-I am leaning towards keeping the Aragon and/or the Reference 200.2.


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