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Break in for a CD SACD player


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Just bought the heralded Sony DVP S9000ES player used. It was used about 100 hours for movies mostly. The audiofile reviewer of this unit, when it came out, strongly suggested running a SACD sampler for 400 hours and a CD sampler for 200 hours. Anyone want to loan me one or both, or tell me which ones to get and where? I'll reimburse you for shipping. When doing burn in does the player need to be connected to an output receiver?

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IMO, you don't need to use any special CD or SACD for breakin. Simply play what you want to play when you want to and don't worry about it. SACD is a very niche market, so unless you are a jazz or classical music fan, its almost a wasted feature. Enjoy the player, i have the CD/SACD only version, its a nice player!


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The audiofile
reviewer of this unit, when it came out, strongly suggested running a
SACD sampler for 400 hours and a CD sampler for 200 hours. Anyone want
to loan me one or both, or tell me which ones to get and where?

Now I don't know much about this break-in stuff, but I suspect that if someone just played the unit, by the time they received all of the various guesses made by those here who haven't a clue except as regards to their emotional opinions, the unit will be 'broken' in. Or maybe even broken. Who knows!

Just a couple of observations...the unit is a USED unit. What break-in? And you need to break it in for 600 hours!?!?!?!?! Thats 75 - 8 hour days!!!! Who is this self proclaimed audiophile!? That 'title' alone should have served as sufficient warning! The world needs more of them! Warnings, that is!

My guess is that you need to specifically play Samplers of nothing but polka music played by the Scottish National Bagpipe Band! I would send them to you, but instead I will let you owe me you life and sanity.

(And after you get your SACD player broken in, it will be just about time to re-tube your AR unit with new tubes from breaking in your SACD player!)

Here's an idea...Turn the unit on an listen to what YOU want to listen to! If, after listening for several months at 8 hours a day non-stop (or 5 months of 4 hour per day listening!!!), you suddenly have an auditory epiphany you can share it with us. In the meantime contribute to your sanity and knowledge by putting the BS audiophile reviews down. Its a CD player! Try listening for yourself and you will be much smarter than they are.


Don't we have enough problems already without inventing more of them?


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Am I in the strange postion of agreeing with MAS???

OK - my take on break in for digtial equipment.


I did a little experiment some time ago with a new Pioneer player (575 - all in one player - dreadful by the way but anyway)....

Got the player - listened to it - thought it sounded very poor in comparison to my existing Marantz CD6000 CD player. Made notes on the differences. Was advised by someone that the Pioneer needs break in so I did entirely that - and kept further notes.

For 1 week solid I listened ONLY to the pioneer and listed the improvements I detected which were many and various. By the end of the week I was not only convinced that it outplayed my Marantz by a comfortable margin but I was actually worried it now outplayed my vinyl rig.

You cannot imagine my amazement when I switched back to the Marantz. It was better in all the ways I had listed originally - no detectable improvement at all IN RELATION TO A FIXED REFERENCE (assuming the Marantz did not benefit from the break!!!???).

In other words - one entire week of listing improvements was entirely down to me and not the unit. Boy did I feel like an audiophile sham but you live and learn.....

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Amen to Max. The digital domain either works or don't. Whether its a music file or a Word doc, it will not look or sound different on the 100th loading from the first from any digital-related issues. That is a verifiable fact.

As to analog components, I've never heard a difference in time except conditions due to component deterioration, but many do and there is no way I can comment on what others hear.


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