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Suggestion on Centre Speaker for my Rf-35's & RS-10's ??(since not in production anymore)


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Hi guys,

I've just bought a pair of RF-35 Front, and have RS-10's (x4) for rears. I want to match and get the centre, but down here in Aus, you can't get the matching centre anymore as they are out of production and i cant find them anywhere.

What is the next best match for the centre speaker for my others?


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You need to stay within the reference series or you will not get timbre matching. Buy the best center channel you can afford/find. I would buy a rc-7 off ebay or audiogon. It is a great center. Klipsch has an ebay store but i'm not sure if they are shipping overseas.

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The RC-7 is probably your best choice considering bang for your buck. The RC-3 or 35 would also work with your mains as well if your budget is too low for the RC-7.

I am not too familiar with the new series, but Iam sure the 62 or the 64 would work great as well.

Good Luck!!

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