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Today is Peace Officer's Memorial Day

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I also have the sincerest appreciation for those officers, troopers and deputies who serve their communities in the way they do. The work is challenging and dangerous. I pray daily for your safety and to be sustained with all the strength you need for life to be full in every way.

For those who have lost their lives in this service, there are no words which can do justice to the loss. We can only remember, with sad but profound gratitude.

Arky, you are in law enforcement? I hadn't realized that.

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No I'm in commercial real estate. When I said "us" I meant us as a forum family. A little confusing I guess, sorry to the peacekeepers & protectors.

Oh, THAT us. Not a problem, bro.

--Rosanna Rosanna Danna

Dodger is retired from law enforcement.

I was also wondering if there are others. Silversport, someone mentioned they thought you had a brother on the forum.

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Daddy Dee...yes, ScorpsFan...I didn't see too much on this in the news this year...neither at the federal nor State level...our local is this Saturday...several killed this week...heard on the news about a couple in Texas and one in Kenosha County, Wisconsin...Godspeed brothers...[A]


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I wasnt aware it was Peace Officer day in the US of A ... in Canada we celebrate it the last Sunday in September ...
I still consider myself new in this profession (3 years in August)but i love it more and more every day!
It's an awesome job, I do it because i love it and i have plenty more years ahead of me ...

Thanks for the kind nod y'all ... it's nice to hear good things about us for once :P

RIP to all my Brothers and Sisters who've passed while on or off duty ...

RIP Valerie Gignac and Daniel Tessier ... :(

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