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KSW12 settings with a Pioneer VSX608 receiver


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I just recently upgraded my Infinity BU1 subwoofer and cheap fronts with a KSW12 Klipsch sub and Klipsch KSF8.5 fronts. I currently have all of the speaker settings on my receiver set for "small" and my LFE xover output set at 100(my only options are 100,150, and 200). I also have the xover set at 100 on my sub to match my receiver. I need to know the correct settings for optimal performance, based on this equipment. I also have a phase switch on my sub, which gives me options of 0 and 180. Which one should I choose?

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The KSF 8.5s are pretty good sized towers aren't they? If so, I'd set them to Large. Your receiver is setting the Low pass for the subwoofer, so I'd set the sub to a somewhat higher frequency so its xover doesn't cause uneven repsonse when added to the receiver's. 100 Hz should be O.K., but the frequency should be selected by the performance of your other speakers.


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