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Is this a good deal?

Lex Kempo

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I call DIBS on this one ...

What to y'all think ... this person lives about 10 minutes from my house ... a good buy?


would these 6 Ohm speakers run well with this 8 Ohm Amp i have ?


Any details or insight/advice would be nice ....


P.S. Please dont anyone snipe em away from me.... They look real nice.....im planning on emailing the guy tomorrow....

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Just to piggy-back, KG4's are a great speaker. First Klipsch speaker I ever owned and I still have them after 20+ years and they still rock the house. Extremely versatile with all types of music and great bass. I bought mine after auditioning a number of the Klipsch classic speakers - compared the difference in sound vs. cost - and never looked back. Of course, 20 years later, I started buying those "other" Klipsch speakers when my disposable income went up and their prices went down (on the used market.)

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Still own mine, too. Went to buy a pair of Heresy's, being a young Buckster, couldn't afford Heresy's, wasn't leaving Clark Music empty handed, bought the KG4's, never looked back, and last year bought new Heresy II's............the only problem, is every now and then, the speakers whisper,"Khorns, Khorns"............I wish they'd stop whispering to me.............

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That's way more than I'd pay but be sure to check out the poly drivers carefully, as the owner may not even realize

that one could be blown. You can only find original replacements on ebay, or similar drivers from Klipsch are very pricey.

NP - UDO - Mastercutor

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Just spoke to seller a few minutes ago, he's a teacher at a local highschool i often deal with and seemed quite genuine. So far things look good!

We spoke for a bit, he even offered to sell me a HK tube amp to go with it for an extra 150$ :S Sadly its out of my budget right now ...

He's delivering tomorrow evening straight to my door ... ill keep you guys posted and take some pics of the damage (watermark) as to maybe you guys can help me out on how i could fix it ...

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Yeah but.... i dont think he'll be selling it anytime soon ... so maybe in a few months ill take him up on the offer.

SOooooooooo.... purchase MADE!!! Cabinets were a little more knocked up than advertised so he knocked some off the price ... good deal all in all i guess.... my first time dealing with cragslist and second hand buying has been positive...

Pro's :
Price seemed reasonnable (to me ... vintage Klipsch isnt too available in these parts :S)
I bought new (old) Klipsch
Kg's are nice and hefty ... vintage is awesome!
The cabinets look almost salvageable and cones and passive woofers are undamaged
They sound sweeeeeeet


Cabinets are more damaged than i originally thought
They dont have the serial number "paper" on the back anymore ... totally ripped off ... only the staples survived
They're the 1984 model ... 4 Ohm impendance Vs. 6 Ohm
*** One of the front grills LACKS the copper Klipsch logo*** I know its stupid but this one is the most dissapointing :(:(:(
Can anyone help me on how to get new ones ?

Lesson learned:

Well...maybe its a lesson i WILL learn ... ima gonna learn how to sand and refinish these speakers!!! I want these Babies to look good!

But first i need to know how.... :( Any gurus out there with links to any DIY sites with some info?

Thanks in advance and i appreciate all your comments!


P.S. I already got the wife frowning at me with this new hobby :P Ill have pics up as soon as i can borrow her digicam ...

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So, apparently living in the Great White North is a problem with Klipsch in Arkansas. Youse guys do not ship to Canada. :S


I was told i have to deal with the Canadian reseller ... http://www.microncanada.ca/ ...

I just emailed them earlier, i await a response because i was all about ready to buy the parts directly from Klipsch. They came to less than 3$ each ... i hope the reseller doesnt jack up the price and triple the shipping ... :S *crosses fingers*

But ... the KG's sound GREAT! I was listening to some old school Elton John last night before sleep (SACD quality) , and at low volume it sounded awesome! I cant wait to put on something with alotta bass, crank those puppies up and hear those 12'' passives come alive!

Thanks for all your advice y'all!


P.S. Project: "Speaker Restore" begins next tuesday with light sanding

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Receieved an email from LaToya Torrance (Klipsch), she says that they sell for 3.42 US --> 3.63 CAD (Not bad... our dollar is at a 30 year high :o)

She says THEY have to ship it to Micron Canada (about 10 days) ... and then i arrange payment with Micron and MORE shipping to my house ... :S Im glad im not rushed :P

I musn't be the only Canuck who orders directly from Klipsch, so if this is the way it goes... i guess we hafta go by it dont we? :S

--> Buck: Thanks for the offer, but id really hate for you to go through all that for me ... ill do it the "regular" way ...

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