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Is this a good deal?

Lex Kempo

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Treat all KG4's impedence as 6 ohm..................should be able to get Klipsch badge from Klipsch, or maybe some forum person has some, kinda' a minor thing really, when you listen to music do you really look at the badge ????

OB, I look at the badges fairly often, especially the ones on the Cornwall III's.[:D]

Lex, welcome to The Forum... all in all...sounds like you are happy with the purchase and that's all that matters.[:P]

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Receieved an email from LaToya Torrance (Klipsch), she says that they sell for 3.42 US --> 3.63 CAD (Not bad... our dollar is at a 30 year high :o)

She says THEY have to ship it to Micron Canada (about 10 days) ... and then i arrange payment with Micron and MORE shipping to my house ... :S Im glad im not rushed :P

I musn't be the only Canuck who orders directly from Klipsch, so if this is the way it goes... i guess we hafta go by it dont we? :S

--> Buck: Thanks for the offer, but id really hate for you to go through all that for me ... ill do it the "regular" way ...

No big deal Lex............they come here I re-address, and send on their way, I'm not worried about postage......Just another option

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Well if your interested I have a pair of KG4 Cabs that are almost mint and still have the labels. I'm in Minneapolis so I would have to see what shipping would run. I just parted out the rest and sold them on ebay. Also this might interest you as you said you need them and I don't have any.


Take a look. They might sell low

My email is b.paulson@comcast.net

Good luck

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Im sure it'll be around after the summer ...


07/06/12 I've sanded with some 220 grit and put a nice coat of Tung Oil ... WOW what a difference!!! The water mark is gone!

07/06/13 I've sanded lightly with some 320 grit ...smoothed it out more ... and put a second coat of Tung oil ... looking good!

Another coat is scheduled tomorrow before work ... no sanding this time ... and maybe another Friday if i have oil left

The grills are still a little stained ... im wondering what i can use to clean em besides water and a bit of soap ...?

AND ... the Badges came in the mail yesterday (one day shipping) ...and they match EXACTLY!!!

So im guessing Krazy Glue would work?

***Photos will be up soon ... the wife lent me the digicam but the battery is spent ,,, and she kept that darn charger ***

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