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Is it just me?


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I completely agree about the surrounds, that's why I don't spend too much money on cabling and better surrounds for it.

I have my old RF-35s in the back for multichannel SACDs and Music or Concert DVDs, and usually on those recordings it's fine, but for movies, I always set my RS-35 surrounds 1-1.5 decibals higher than the other channels on my denon A / B reciever, just so I can actually definately hear something from the backs when i'm supposed to, even if it's louder than it should be and not "techincally correct" for sound levels. Hell, we paid for those speakers back there, and the extra amp to drive them, may as well get your money's worth I say!

leave em a few decibals higher and don't worry about it, anyone coming over to watch something will notice it too and just be wowed by it not knowing you don't have your system calibrated. always remember, it's how it sounds to you. also, i got tired of constantly adjusting my levels for every single movie I watch. Isn't the whoole point of a good system so you can jsut relax and watch it? It's like pimping a car, you do enough modifications, eventually every time you get it you adjsut something ot fix something, just DRIVE IT!

It's that reason alone I never understood spending so much money for surrounds and then extra rear surrounds and even a 5 channel or 7 channel extra amp to drive em. If you can "barely" hear them half the time on half the movie soundtracks, why bother with all the extra stuff. Set em high and enjoy it!

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